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Whether you're shopping for yourself, sharing groceries with roommates, or buying food for your family, the cost of food can constitute a significant part of your bottom line. While you’re planning your meals, to ensure maximum savings, take a look at what’s going to be on sale at your grocery store this week. Once you arrive at the grocery store, keep track of what you’re actually spending as you shop.
Pay attention as the cashier is scanning your items, and check your receipt before you leave the store. This entry was posted in Save Money and tagged how to save money at the grocery store by Bill Soriano. It wasn’t until a few years ago when I got married and my husband and I began to manage our money as a married couple that I began to see the errors of my ways. Although it may not sound fun, especially if you are the spontaneous type when it comes to dining, creating a menu for what you plan to eat between shopping trips is one of the best ways to save money on groceries.
Additionally, creating a menu and forming a grocery list of necessary items will enable you to buy everything you need in one trip. In addition to items needed to make dinner, you will likely need to purchase items for breakfast, lunch, snacks, and cleaning at the grocery store. The grocery stores put their weekly sales ad in the Wednesday edition of the local newspaper. Every week I browse through the grocery store circulars before I make my menus, and I make mental notes of what is on sale.
By perusing the circulars, I also learn if there are any items I should stock up on while the price is low. For example, pears are in season during November and December and are less expensive during those months than they are throughout the rest of the year.
Whether you are an extreme couponer or a causal coupon user, coupons are of immense value to any grocery shopper. For example, with a store coupon utilized during a sale, you may be able to get toothpaste for 50 cents.
It may take a while to figure out rock-bottom prices, so it is advisable to jot down what you end up paying for items until you commit it to memory. I recently went to Kroger to buy some groceries, and brought with me a stack of Publix coupons to use. Verifying whether your store accepts competitor coupons is only one aspect of knowing your store’s policies.
An alternative to combining sales and coupons is to shop the least number of times possible.
To keep yourself out of the grocery store and spend less, try to shop only once per month, and only shop at a maximum of two different stores.
If you feel pressed for time and can not afford to spend time clipping coupons and matching them up to sales, focus more on shopping at stores that will save you the money with their generally lower prices. While many dollar stores do not carry a wide variety of foods, there are a number of items you should buy at the dollar store, and some great savings to be found. One of my favorite things to buy at dollar stores are spices. However, there are many items at dollar stores that are more expensive by unit price (due to smaller package weight or volume) than a regular grocery store, so shop wisely.
This may be the most important strategy to save money on groceries, as well as the most difficult to implement. To ensure that you are getting the best available price on an item, check the unit price, which can be found on the item’s price tag. Grocery stores use many marketing tactics to coerce consumers into selecting the most expensive items. This can be a challenge for me, as I would rather shop during the day and bring my son than go in the evening when I’d rather be relaxing.
If you are not in the habit of keeping track of your grocery budget, now is a great time to investigate just how much money you are spending.
I try to buy store brand goods or meats to help save a little money and always get the discounted price on them.
Some stores are really great for the store brand because they have a product for everything.
You could always splurge on the brand names for the products where it really matters and go for the store brands when it doesn’t. I’ve found mistakes regularly and it’s when I don’t check my receipts that I get home & want to kick myself for missing a charge that didn’t include the sale price, etc. I too have run into many issues with incorrect prices…it’s the worst when I arrive at home and realize that my $5 coupon wasn’t scanned!
I’ve never seen generic meat, unless you’re referring to the prepackaged ‘chubs’ of ground beef many supermarkets carry. I prefer meat packaged in-store, some supermarkets are known to have high quality meat and they have never failed me. RB, Unfortunately, I’ve yet to hit the cherry jackpot in a single one of the 10 fruit cocktail cans I bought with the store brand. Where I live, we have a few stores that do sell containers labeled “beef” or “chicken.” It makes you wonder, but I’m with you- I stick to the packages the butcher did in the store. Amy, the funny thing about eye level marketing is, if you’re short (like me!) your eye level is the store brands and bulk items. I always ask the person checking me out to wait to start to ring my items up until I have my cart emptied so I can watch how things ring up! 2) call your car and home insurance company and tell them you want to go through all your coverage because you found another carrier that is cheaper.

6) review your credit card bills for all the things you are paying $10-20 per month for that you no longer need.
8) review your investment portfolio for ways to replace higher fee mutual funds or ETFs with lower fee ones. Once a week I sit down to jot down the menu’s for the week to come (and stick to it!). If you’re on top of your finances, you should know roughly what you can afford to spend on groceries. If you're savvy, saving money on groceries doesn't require compromising on variety or quality. Shop the bulk bins, where you will find the best values on coffee, tea, beans, flours, and dried fruit. This compensation may impact how and where products appear on this site, including, for example, the order in which they appear on category pages.
I rarely prepared home-cooked meals, and would need to run to the store to get an ingredient or two if I did have an inkling to cook something. As we formed a budget for our household, I realized that our grocery and food spending was out of control. Take time prior to shopping to prepare for your trip – your time invested will really pay off! Making a menu ensures that you will have the proper ingredients to prepare a healthy meal at home every night instead of going out to eat or ordering pizza. This will keep you from forgetting to purchase crucial ingredients, which would cause you to waste time and gas money going back to the store.
Oftentimes, I find that I am so focused on getting what I need to cook meals that these items are forgotten. This is a great time-saver, as your grocery list will always be partially completed before you even start. Items generally go on sale in six- to eight-week cycles so if a certain item on sale this week, remember that it is not likely to be on sale again for another two months.
Therefore, pears make great Thanksgiving and homemade Christmas decorations as well as delicious, affordable staples in your holiday meals. While they can save you money, they can also cause you to spend money on impulse purchases.
To achieve this, you need to memorize the minimum price of an item after sales and coupons, not just the lowered price.
However, this is just a lowered price for toothpaste – you may be able to get it for free by combining a sale, store coupon, and manufacturer’s coupon! Once you realize which items you can acquire for free (or close to nothing), you will never want to pay more again. I usually do not shop at Kroger, but assumed that they would accept their competitor’s coupons. While it is more difficult to utilize sales and coupons, you can still take them into account.
At supermarkets, spices generally cost several dollars, and I never seem to have coupons, so I simply head to the dollar store to get a stellar price. Try to shop around 10 o’clock in the morning to avoid not only a rumbling stomach, but also the afternoon crowds. Some products from the generic lines go head to head with name brands in terms of quality, while other products are sub par at best.
Your basics like flour, sugar, cooking oil, and butter will always taste, and work, the same regardless of what the label says. Name brand frozen produce typically costs twice as much as the generic version, and the store brand often gives you more per bag.
Just because you have a coupon doesn’t mean the cost per unit is less than another brand or generic.
For example, stores often stock the most expensive items and brands at eye level, and place the cheaper items and brands on the higher and lower shelves. Many grocery stores also offer pre-cut or pre-sliced items, such as chopped green peppers or cheese trays. I have a friend who makes most of her meals from scratch – she spends only $40 a week on groceries for a family of five without the use of coupons! If you’re worried that it may be too time-consuming or too difficult to focus on your budget, just keep these 20 tips in mind – there are many easy ways to save!
Yesterday my husband almost bought store brand and I looked up just in time to see that the brand name was on sale – 50 cents cheaper!
I am one of those random people wandering aimless up and down the aisles because most of the time, I don’t really know what specific food that I want to buy that day. For example, at my store, there is Jennie-O brand ground turkey, and there is the store brand. Many assessments have never been properly adjusted down to reflect the market over the last 4 years.
Then I go online to order the groceries needed and let them be delivered, which cost be about $7. We used to rhrow away lots of food (didn’t feel like cooking after all), bought groceries on impulse and often unnecessary items. Unfortunately, nutritious food doesn’t always come cheap, but there are plenty of smart strategies to help you save money when you shop, and it begins before you even set foot inside the supermarket. This will enable you to know, ahead of time, what you need to buy for the week and ensure you’re not overspending.

Simply designate a shoebox for receipts and throw them in there at the end of each day; at the end of the month, go over them.
My family uses AnyList, and the ease of use and list sharing makes it simple to stick to a list. Unless it costs exactly the same or less than its conventional counterpart, don't bother springing for organic grapefruit or other items on the clean fifteen list.
For example, informed Whole Foods shoppers know about the Whole Deal booklet, the 10% discount when purchasing 6+ bottles of wine, and weekend sales that are posted on Facebook. To keep the costs down on your produce purchases, try to stick to fruits and vegetables that are in season.
For example, I was recently able to save $20 while grocery shopping, even though many of my coupons were for only 25 cents. However, while my groceries were being rung up, my Publix coupons were declined and I was unable to save any money. Additionally, ask your grocery’s deli and bakery if they discount meat and bread on a certain day of the week. Instead, find exactly what you need, make your purchases, and leave the store as soon as possible to avoid being tempted. In many cases, there are very few differences between most brand name items and generic items, and to be honest, I have found some generic products that I prefer to the brand name, such as cookies, peanut butter, and even cola. Remember, some stores do not offer many generic alternatives to name brands. However, you may want to stick to the name brands when buying the fancy mixed fruit cocktails – the generic brands never give you enough cherries.
You end up using twice as much for the same effect, which does not save you any money in the long run. As you are going through the store, remember to check all the shelves for potential savings. While these types of items are certainly convenient, they are expensive compared to non-prepared items. Therefore, I bring cash with me when I go to the grocery store. Even though I always carry cash, I bring cash specifically designated for my groceries as part of my envelope budgeting system.
Notify the cashier if there are any problems, and if you are unable to watch the cashier scan your items, make sure you check your receipt before you leave the store to see if there are any mistakes.
Being a former cashier of a grocery store, a lot of times people get mad at the cashier and yell at them over the mistakes. The prices are good, but we don’t have room to buy in bulk and it’s too much food for our family of 3. They tore up so bad on my counters that I had to go buy a roll of decent paper towels just to clean the mess up.
A little planning can lead to big savings while ensuring your family is eating a healthy diet.
Make a second list for a midweek shop to top up on any fresh ingredients such as bread, fruit, and vegetables, being sure to factor those costs into your budget, too.
Also, online grocery sites typically run sales and deals—however, do factor in the delivery charges. In her spare time she runs a sling meet, where she helps parents in her area learn to safely carry their babies.
By getting everything we need in one fell swoop, we avoid the extra trips to the store that are likely to result in additional impulse buys. Meal planning cuts down on food waste, and you're less likely to order takeout at the last minute for lack of preparation. Avoid coupon bait or impulse purchase of items on sale; if you wouldn't buy it full price then you probably don't really need or want it. Had I known Kroger’s store policy of not accepting competitor coupons, I could have gone elsewhere to use them. If this is your method for saving money on groceries, avoid costly stores, such as Whole Foods and The Fresh Market. One grocery store I frequent sells all its week-old baked goods for one cent on Wednesdays! In fact, you may agree that these clearance meats taste better than the newly stocked meats. Furthermore, I find myself rushing, and I end up quickly grabbing what I need instead of taking the time to compare unit prices and get the best deals. If I only have $100 to spend on groceries, then I can’t possibly spend beyond my budget.
Following grocery coupon match ups is also helpful as someone else does the work of compiling the best coupons and deals! If you spend too much on car insurance from one of those big companies, chances are you are simply funding their expensive TV ads with cute animals. At the time we both lived in tiny apartments on Chicago's north side, and bulk items that seemed outrageous for one made perfect sense split in two. This allows me to know when things are getting low and purchase at the best price in that time frame. So consider teaming up with a friend or another family and split the costs and the grocery bill.

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