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While fad diets may help you drop weight quickly, they are not sustainable long term and once you stop the fad diet, you often gain back the weight plus more.
As an example, a moderately active 35 year old female needs to consume about 2000 calories per day to maintain her current weight. For a successful healthy lifestyle change, it is important that your new plan fit into your life without too much difficulty. The formula to calculate BMI is a little confusing, but if you want to calculate your BMI, then follow these steps.
Some packaging can be misleading for marketing purposes, so looking at the nutrition label is essential.
Instead of talking about the foods you can no longer have, talk about all of the foods your are adding in like fruit, vegetables, lean proteins, etc. You can pre-portion out servings of snack foods and leave them in your pantry to prevent over eating from the container. Sharing your goals can also prevent others from being bad influences when know you are serious about losing weight. Be sure you need to lose weight, and that this is the best time for you to proceed with weight loss.
Many healthy weight loss plans already exist and can be tweaked to suit your own preferences and needs.
Physical activity includes the things you already do every day, such as walking, housework, yard work, and running around in the yard with the kids, grandkids, or the family pet.

While drinking a lot of water is a big part of some diet programs, others place less emphasis on the amount, and just emphasize the importance of water intake for reasons of general health.
Beyond drinking plenty of water, include coffee and tea, minus the added sweeteners, as part of your plan. Eat breakfast, plan ahead so you know what you will eat when you get hungry, avoid over-eating which can happen when watching TV, and eat the healthy food choices first. What you can see in your cabinet, or can easily reach for, may not always be the best choice. Smaller plates can help with portion control, decreasing the number of calories you consume at mealtime. Talking to your friends and family about your weight loss plan can help you stay focused on your goal. Over-the-counter weight loss products have not been studied and tested for efficacy the way prescription-only products have been. For some people, considering surgical options may be the safest and most effective way to reach his or her weight loss goal. Depending on how much weight you need to lose, any existing medical conditions, and your age, your doctor can help to guide you in exercise and activity options that are safe for you. Your body stores up more calories as fat, instead of burning them, when calorie intake is drastically reduced. Read the nutrition labels to see for yourself the levels of sugar, fat, and carbohydrates they contain.

Following guidelines for a healthy approach to weight loss is also key in maintaining your weight once you reach your target.
Allow yourself the time you need to reach your weight loss goal, planning on a loss of up to 2 lbs.
Include why you want to lose the weight, the plan itself, how much weight you want to lose, and your target date to reach your desired weight. Your plate should be halfway covered with green vegetables and fruits, and the other half with protein and grains. Take control of experiencing new foods by removing the words “I can’t eat that”, and instead say “I don’t eat that”. In some cases, you may be taking prescription medications that cause weight gain or increase your appetite.
Combining your weight loss plan with ways to control your metabolism can help you to reach your goal more quickly, and still lose your weight the healthy way. By talking to your doctor about your weight loss goals, some of your medications can possibly be changed, or the dose adjusted, to help you achieve your goal.

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