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If you do think that everything in your life needs to be organized choose one thing to focus on. Get organizational storage containers, folders, and boxes to help your place stay organised.
Because I shared with you all some amazing planners last week, I figured some fabulous organizational tips on how best to use those planners and get your life organized was in store for this week. It may feel tedious to write down every step in a process, but it’s even worse to put great, huge, daunting tasks on your schedule and then never specify the smaller parts that help you get there. As a fairly chaotic individual who was used to doing everything out of impulses, it is safe to say my life was pretty was a hot mess.
The step up from the calendar is the handheld planner; an ultra organised list of daily activities.

Possibly the toughest item on the list, procrastinating is a major detriment to organizing your life. You will accomplish more in the same amount of time, rather than getting bored and wasting time on a single unperfected task. You can buy items designated for organized storage from many department and furniture stores, or you can make your own using things like cups, shoe boxes, and dishes. Think of 5 things that you want to be big things in your life, such as studying, exercise, healthy eating, relaxation, working, sleep etc.. Not only were my morning rituals non existent,  I first needed to learn how to love myself. Because this self love was something new, I did not pay attention to the fact that I pretty much lived from day to day without any goals or plans to give my life a purpose. Make these organizational pieces a bit more attractive with a coat of paint or a covering of fabric.

This will change your mental perspective; by getting ready and making yourself presentable to the world, you have set yourself up for success. To start organizing your life, you need to acknowledge the cause and make a decision to change it. Then work only on throwing out unnecessary items that are taking up space in that section of your life.

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