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Debt is like a disease that can enable us from living a happy and normal life by taking control over our lives. Spend your money on what’s necessary like grocery, utility bills, gas etc…( cable TV is not one of them) Make an adjustment.
Establish an emergency fund It is very important to have a little bit of money saved up before paying off your debts.
Use solar heaters in windows- Basically a Highly Insulated box with painted black cans (soda, tin, steel) a hole cut at the top and bottom. What I didn’t hear people say about this issue is that Murphy aalwys comes into the picture when you are trying to do something with money. Open a saving account for an emergency fund and start an automatic fund transfer from your checking to your saving account. Once you’ve controlled your finances and started your debt snowball, there are ways to increase the snowball — and hence the speed with which you get out of debt. My partner and I high fived each other every time you mentioned something we already do…we did a LOT of high fiving!

Like stop eating out, Print out coupons from the internet before going to grocery shopping, .
She says, “I love to write, and helping people in the process is killing two birds with one stone.” To new editors she says, “Just try things out! We carry no debt from month to month, both of our cars are paid off and we are able to live and travel and do things on a limited budget because we’re not tied down with debt. Buying a used car outright and not having a payment each month was the smartest thing I ever did…all thanks to my money smart partner Awesome article!
When an emergency arises, you can easily transfer the money to your regular checking account. Tell your self the reason you are in debt is because you keep on buying things you can not afford.
Whatever cuts you make, apply that amount to your debt snowball — don’t spend it.Grow your income. If unexpected expenses come up, and you don’t have an emergency fund, you will skip your debt payments to pay for the unexpected expenses.

Get a part time job or sell things that you don’t need on eBay or any thing that you can think of to bring in a little bit of extra income. On your debt spreadsheet, be sure to update it every payday (or however often you pay debt) so that you can see your shrinking debt amount. You should be able to calculate how many months you have left before you’re completely out of debt. It’s important to celebrate, not only when you’re out of debt, but along the way as you eliminate each debt.

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