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I just wanted the confusion and chaos to end so I could figure out what my purpose in all this was. The following three steps will help you stop focusing on your problems and make room in your life for your purpose to reveal itself. Clear your mind of your problems for a moment by finding someone or some organization that needs a skill you have, and offer it for free, even if just for an hour.
The Result: Volunteering makes you feel purposeful and grateful for what you do have, what you can offer. The depressing thoughts disappear when you work out, and in this moment of clarity you can plan your next step.
I spent time sitting alone on my steps at night, looking up at the stars, to consciously make soul contact.
Their courage led me to write about it, and the essay ended up being published on the website for a magazine I dreamed of writing for all my life. Life did not magically change, but when you know you are not staring down a scary path from a distance but are walking on the path, you access ideas and courage you did not have before.
When taking a step outside of your mind and connecting with your body and soul, your purpose may sneak up on you.

What I learned in Africa was that being true to myself meant trusting the process as it revealed itself, knowing that it was “right” for me at that particular time in my life. For me, I have followed my heart in various directions in my professional and my personal life since my years in Africa. A version of my first calling has stayed put even as I have changed and grown.  I see it most pointedly in my career as a life coach.
About Amy KesselAmy Kessel is a Certified Life Coach who helps women create healthy change in their personal and professional lives. I’ve been reading articles on tiny buddah since I was at university two years ago, most of the time looking for wisdom in many different aspects of life to help me. Perhaps you’ll think of someone that can help to call, or you’ll begin getting ideas about what your purpose is and how to go about living it. Unfortunately for me, this comes a bit late as I’m now 82 years old, my entire life has been one of great chaos and it continues to be, because of the adrenaline living chaotically, provides so handsomely. Rather than one “life purpose” or mission, we actually have many opportunities to experience aspects of what brings us alive. I knew my purpose as a mother after spending years in a corporate financial cubicle in New York, and I loved it.

I just finished law school and I am in a quarter life crisis of some sorts trying to figure out what my calling is.
I, like you, share a similar purpose and have received the exact same feedback from others about helping others to heal through listening.
I would love to be able to act on what you’ve shared but sadly real life gets in the way. I realise now that ultimately my own purpose in life is to find peace with myself, my own mind and to discover my own values, where before I valued myself and allowed others to value me based upon the black and white of what I’ve been taught in society. Sure I get things done, in fact I always seem to be doing something but if you label it as my calling or my purpose then you are trying to define me. As she slipped away, she has loved her life with the purpose of guiding my soul to it’s destination, being my best friend and confidant, enriched my life.

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