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You can do this in many ways, such as jogging, jump roping, or doing any exercises that can increase your cardiovascular output, or in other words "to get your blood pumping". Doing the proper warm ups are easy, so try these steps before you engage into any exercise. Other good exercises for your back include the pelvic tilt, the abdominal curl and knee rolls. If you experience back pain or find any form of exercise is hurting too much to begin with, consider swimming, aquarobics or aqua jogging.
The benefits of these exercises include gaining increased strength and flexibility in your back muscles. Potential injuries that may be incurred if this exercise is performed incorrectly include back and spinal muscle strains. As with your shoes, don't feel the need to don sporty exercise gear just to get out there for a walk. For men, maintaining proper posture while walking by keeping your upper body straight and your shoulders back has the added benefit of accentuating the pectoral muscles and tensing your abdominal muscles, making you look slightly more muscular than you would otherwise. Stretching is an important way to maintain your health and fitness, especially if you haven't exercised in awhile. This low-intensity exercise helps stretch out your lower back and strengthen your abs as you extend yourself over an exercise ball. In order for this exercise to activate your back muscles, focus on keeping it as straight as possible. While this may not seem like a back-centric exercise, if you come all the way up to touch your elbows to your knees it can be a very effective method of flexing your spinal extensors. This low intensity exercise is a good easy workout to increase the strength of your core, improving the alignment of your back and your flexibility. Many back pain and injury problems stem from bad posture issues, over which we often have a lot of control. As with any exercise, you are responsible for consulting with your doctor before partaking in them so that you're properly aware of your own limitations and special needs.

The better you feel after exercise, the more likely you are to repeat your exercise consistently. If you're about to start an exercise regimen of daily walking, consider buying a comfortable pair of walking shoes if you don't already have a pair. Where you walk can have just as much of an effect on the exercise benefit you receive as how fast you walk. However, this can also increase the strain on your muscles and joints, especially your ankles, which will need to support your feet as they angle up for each step. Though walking isn't as intense a form of exercise as running, weightlifting, rock climbing, and other forms of exercise, injury is still a possibility. The benefits of starting a walking regimen when you previously had no exercise routine will quickly become apparent - your mood will likely elevate, you'll feel more energetic, and you may even lose weight (assuming you don't begin to eat more to compensate for the energy you use while exercising).
Walking purely for exercise and no other reason is a great idea, but you can greatly increase the amount of time you walk every day by making the choice to walk everywhere you go. Exercise, however, is very important for balance, flexibility, and health maintenance in general. Therefore it is worth taking the time to exercise these important muscles to keep them supple, healthy and to reduce any strain on your back.
Try to do the movements of this exercise as smoothly as you can in order to maximize its effectiveness.
Whether you're a beginner or expert in the field of exercise, you can alter the position of the exercise ball to accommodate your needs. You should do this exercise on a yoga mat or other springy surface, since you'll be supporting all your weight on your hands and feet in order to stretch out your back.
This exercise can also be used as a warm-up, since it is a simple stretch done on a flat surface. Your hip joint should be straight as you do this exercise, but you should try to arch your back a little to open it up further. So, see Step 1 below to get started, then turn off the computer, put on some walking shoes, and get out there and walk!

Approach steep hills as you would approach a heavy set of weights at the gym - build up to your goal, rather than tackling it immediately. If you can manage to walk to and from work (or walk to a public transportation station) rather than driving, not only will you get exercise and avoid the tedium of morning and evening commutes, but also reduce your impact on the environment in terms of pollution.
If you use this opportunity to go for a walk, you'll get exercise from walking on the way to the store and additional exercise on the way back from carrying your purchases home. Besides being a form of exercise, walking can be just plain fun (assuming that the weather is good).
Exercising your back will improve muscle definition in your torso and helps to prevent lower back injury.
You'll need to support yourself using your elbows, but so long as you keep your balance you shouldn't have trouble with this exercise.
Pick shoes that provide good stability to help keep your feet straight as you walk, cushioning to protect your heel when you step, and support for your ankle to prevent injury.
Treat walking like you would any other exercise routine, gradually increasing your burden over time, and you'll be surprised at the changes in how you look and feel.
If you walk enough throughout your daily routine, you may not even need to devote any extra time to exercise! Like all forms of exercise, walking can help you become fit and trim, increasing your attractiveness. This brings your calf muscles into play - use them to keep your feet at the correct (elevated) angle for each step.

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