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Staying motivated at the gym,daily practice of mindfulness,healthy vegetarian eating - Review

There are many ways going to the gym is beneficial.  Keeping yourself motivated is the very important.
Set goals and objectives: Write down the main reasons that you joined the gym in the first place. Keep a Food and Exercise Diary: Everyday write down the foods you are eating and what exercises you have done, this is great because if you have had an off week you can back track and see what has gone wrong.
Write in what days you will use the gym and which are your rest days: this will give you routine and a plan to follow.

Be realistic with goals: There is no point in fooling yourself as you will feel as if you didn’t succeed and then perhaps give up. Talk to the gym instructors, if you feel a programme is not working out for you, let them know they can change it up, you will need a programme that you want to do and not feel as it is a task every time you get your foot in the door. Give yourself rewards, if you are working hard you deserve to have a treat; it can be anything from a glass of wine at the end of the week, to a whole new gym wardrobe. Set out the different things you wish to achieve by using your gym membership, for example: Lose 3lbs a week, a wedding in 6months etc.

Money is always a motivator and no one wants to see their money go down the drain, by keeping track of your expenses you can see value for your money. Sometimes things happen and we can’t stick to diet and exercise, if you have a bad day or two, work through it and put in the effort when you can.

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