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The reduction of the self holds a special place in the state of flow, and to Jenova Chen as he applies it universally throughout many of games. Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, a famous psychologist, published several findings on this concept of flow. The concept of flow was recently proposed by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, in which flow was characterized as a state of completely immersible, focused energy.
Samyama teaches what we have already established, in that, flow is developed through the binding of short-term focus and long-term focus, and then practicing it daily. When in the state of Mushin, the fighter does not think of the next move; he or she knows their purpose, knows their focus and knows their next action through hours of contemplation and training. The key in developing flow and Mushin centers on blocking out distraction, and keeping the mind serene, like the unmoving pond. As the ancient martial art concept of Mushin likens itself to a still pond, so too shall your aim be in developing flow.
Its a very usefull material i had ever came across , its a good concept of understanding the flow .it would be even better if its demonstrated with a visual example of flow to understand the concept of flow for the new people to understand it better and faster, i mean to explain the term FLOW to co workers some simple visual example has to be given. By making the difficulty adjust with player skill, Jenova creates a perfect space for the flow state to be born. Essentially it’s a mental state whereby you are fully immersed in an activity so much so that you feel energized and enjoyment. Not surprisingly, watching television and sitting in the bathroom results in an apathetic mental state.

The state of arousal is where most people learn the most because that’s where they are pushed out of their boundaries.
No full circles or pretty metaphors, and for the record, I did not achieve anything even mildly semblant of flow while writing this. Flow can be experienced whether you’re in business, music, comedy, a sport, programming, engineering or anything else.
Mihaly describes the flow state as an envelopment by a single mindedness when regarding a task at hand, a state of euphoric focus often book-ended by a feeling of joy at the task’s completion. And I’ve had several hours of this, usually after I drink a cafe doble and have only before me two hours to kill and a thick stack of teoria sobre el medio ambiente en relacion con la sociedad to read.
Flow state, I believe, can be achieved on a much larger scale; or, at least, Mindvalley CEO¬†Vishen Lakhiani thinks so. It arises from disciplined, focused rituals that drive your actions; thus, leading to flow. Much like Mushin (mind of no mind), Maria believed that children can unleash flow and their inner-genius through giving them freedom to leverage their natural cognitive abilities–instead of shoveling a regimented curriculum down their throats. The model is founded on preparing an environment that espouses flow (which we’ve outlined previously).
When regarding video game playing, the flow state is often times located at a balance between challenge and boredom (demonstrated in figure 1).
In his widely viewed speeches and TEDx talk, Lakhiani describes how he turned his company around not because of busniess plans or venture capital but because be enacted a state of flow for himself and his company by monitoring and adjusting his environment so as to create conditions for flow state to regularly occur for himself and his employees.

In summary, if you create an environment that espouses focus and a curriculum driven by your own passion, you’ve set yourself up to be at your most-natural state of creation. While this state of mind is not always synonymous with the completion of tasks, it usually involves an unintentional foregoing of self awareness while the focus is maintained. This dynamic scaling allows for a state of complete focus to be born by keeping each individual player at an ideal level between boredom and anxiety. It can be gleaned that when this happens, it is much easier to slip into the flow state, as much less distraction is to be had from the bright background of shallow water. There are specific practices and routines that can help one develop flow on a habitual basis.
The flow state sets in and you progress through the game with the single intent to feed, mirroring the organism you have now become. Where one player may find the feeling of an organism more cohesive towards the cultivating of flow, someone else may find another character more cohesive.

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