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And then I thought about all of the commercials and articles I have come across regarding addressing depression with lifestyle and dietary changes. Patients, taking kale at least twice a day might suffer from possible outburst of anger at the fact that they did not know about all of these side effects sooner.
Instead, however, more and more dumb articles about the possible dangers of a vegan diet are surfacing, in spite of more studies and educational material available to show otherwise.
Kale (and the plethora of greens, fruits, vegetables, grains, legumes and nuts–too many to list each one by name for anyone on a SAD diet to even know what each one is) induced rational thinking in my brain.
If you feel a bid unwell now, it can be because you are detoxing–going from SAD (standard American diet) to healing, high fiber diet is a big change. It’s fantastic that you are promoting a healthy plant-diet which you refer to as vegan. I’m confused that you were able to consume raw kale even though all the experts say it has a goitrogenic effect and can lead to suppressed thyroid function in people with low thyroid. I lost a massive amount of weight going raw vegan, but when I started having health problems, I reverted back to eating animal products for a while.
Plant-Based: a person who might eat an exclusively vegan diet, or a person who decides to eat a predominately plant-based diet with a small inclusion of flesh products. If you decide to eat a wholly plant based (vegan) diet, to ensure you get enough protein, whether you are an athlete, a pregnant and nursing mama or have little ones to think about, simply eat a healthy, junk free, plant based diet, including as many various plants as you can, including grains, legumes, nuts, seeds, greens, fruits and veggies.
Now that we have protein covered, you should know that there are two types of vegans–those who are health-minded, and those who are not. Don’t be fooled to believe that if you become vegan, you will magically become healthy.
I talk about the topics of junk vegan foods, carbs, supplementation, protein,  and many other things in these articles, sharing with you exactly what not to do.
For those who decide to consume a whole foods plant based diet, there is virtually no need for supplements, except for B12. One of the greatest benefits of being whole foods vegan before, during and after my pregnancy, and including regular exercise into my daily routine,  was the quick weight loss I experienced post partum, and the fact that I did not gain any unneeded fat.
A whole foods, plant based diet (WFPBD) offers a natural treatment for hypothyroidism–I successfully reversed hypothyroidism with a plant based diet. If you transitioned to a well-taught plan based diet and learn the basics, living healthy becomes easy. If you are a healthy vegan, share your transition to a plant based diet story with others in the comment section.
Hi Elena, I’ve decided to make the switch to Veganism after 18 months Vegetarian, partly influenced after watching Cowspiracy. Hi Elena, I appreciate the time and effort that you have put into educating both non-vegans and vegans about this lifestyle. I am really passionate about helping out the animals in our world by going vegetarian and eventually vegan. As for hair loss, no, I have worked with hundreds of peoples to date who go cold turkey vegan overnight and never experienced anything like that. If you need help with navigating a healthy plant based diet, make sure to enroll in Body by Plants, so I can help.
Just become vegan 6 months ago from been vegetarian and the first few months I felt just great till my hair like yours did too start to fall out do much and started you be really worry about but didn’t give up and now I’m just taking some natural tablets for vitamin supplement and see how it will go!

Elena, I have been reading your website for about a year and a half now after starting on the Daniel diet and then trying to transition to full time plant-based vegan after looking at many of your posts.
I have been busting your page quit often loading up on all the vegan knowledge and advice you give.
A vegetarian diet is a healthy choice if you pay attention to nutritional requirements and follow a balanced eating plan. If you are a strict vegetarian and eat no dairy, eggs or other animal products, your diet may be deficient in vitamin B12. The most readily absorbed iron is available in foods many vegetarians do not consume: red meats, poultry and fish. This morning alone, while searching for THIS DRUG’s side effects, I came across at least 10 uneducated, poorly, but convincingly presented articles about possible side effects of eating vegan.
My eyes were opened about 7 years ago and I knew that vegan diet is anything but dangerous.
My health issues escalated, and so I returned back to veganism a while back, armed with more knowledge. Just like with any other diet, you have to be conscious of the quality of the foods you are eating. When you read my Vegan Done Wrong series you will learn the most beneficial way to structure your vegan diet.
I am a 16yo female and have recently been considering the transition from an animal consuming diet to a vegan lifestyle. You know from experience that sometimes it is not always necessary to be vegan, but being plant-based, whole foods is key to healing your body.
I am in the process of transitioning to vegan I’m having a hard time with soda, potato chips, and butter. Week 4, phase all flesh foods out, By now your diet should look like this: daily smoothies, fruits and veggies, legumes and grains. The Mayo Clinic created a vegetarian food pyramid that recommends daily food intake of six servings of grains, five servings of nuts, beans, legumes and other protein foods, four servings of vegetables, two of fruit and two of unsaturated fats. If milk, yogurt and butter aren't part of your diet, look for cereals, breads and juices that have added calcium, fortified tofu, kale, broccoli and Chinese cabbage. And the announcer, ever so quickly, also went through a quick list of possible adverse side effects and symptoms. In fact, I am flying out to see her for 2 weeks, and I plan to take over her kitchen and over her diet completely. If you eat junk, sugary, processed and fat laden vegan products, while you will be saving lives of animals, you will be killing yourself in the process. You can also learn whether you should become Raw Vegan in my article which discusses pros and cons of the choice.
But people with serious illnesses who might have difficulty processing foods in their body or who require great care to be taken in that regard, unless that person is willing to make their diet a full time job and constantly monitor via blood tests they should not take going vegan lightly.
I would highly recommend that your parents schedule an appointment with me to discuss the details and advantages of a plant based diet. I think that digging in to see if you do not have autoimmune form of thyroid disease will be key, and also doing additional things to dietary changes (which I discuss only with my clients) can really help. Zinc is found in high protein foods like meats and dark meat poultry, so vegans and many vegetarians can develop a zinc deficiency.

I suggest to anyone who has any serious illness to discuss going vegan with their doctor, to take supplements accordingly, and make sure you understand what your body needs, how much, and that you are able to keep it up.
While researching natural dental health options I found several sources that claim a vegan diet is very bad for oral health. You will also find that when you transition to a whole foods plant based vegan (no junk) that your morning sickness might not be as bad. I haven’t quite reached veganism yet, but im transitioning that way and your blog has been really informative! For vegans, who avoid all animal products, countering potential dietary deficiencies is particularly important.
Vegetarian sources of B12 include fortified grains and nutritional yeast, as well as vitamin supplements. It is absolutely threatening to bad health, poor mental clarity, infertility, nutritional ignorance, or thinking that vegan diet is low in quality proteins. Mum is worried that I won’t keep developing properly and it will have bad effects on me.
One good way for vegetarians to consume zinc is by eating legumes, peanuts and peanut butter, although zinc from animal protein is more readily absorbed by the body. The NIH points out that calcium supplements can interfere with some medications so you should check with your health care provider before adding supplements to any diet. You can also check out BODY  BY PLANTS program, which offers not only 130+ recipes, menu planners, group support and personal accountability on the vegan-learning journey, but also education on nutrition topics needed for healthful vegan living. For me, the best way to be Vegan is to only eat fresh home cooked food without any processed foods. So finally I got a referral to a dermatologist who told me it was called telogen effluvium, and that I had just shocked my system by going vegan cold turkey and that it would all come back (which it did).
Also I have struggled with morning sickness in pregnancies past And wondered if there are any non junk vegan solutions to that as well. Since ive changed my diet my water consumption has dwindled and its weird because i drank ALOT of water before, I mean ALOT. The National Institutes for Health recommends that vegetarians get twice as much iron as non-vegetarians because the type of iron they consume is more difficult to absorb. NIH advises vegetarians to increase iron absorption by taking vitamin C or consuming citrus with plant-based iron sources. Eating in restaurants who claim to have vegan food often have meat products and processed foods too so I would not do that either.
Going vegan doesn’t automatically remove all of your allergies but your body chemistry can change overnight at any time so it may. I never hear stories of women being on the medication and being able to come of due to a healthy vegan diet.
Macrobiotic, Pescatarian, Vegetarian, Paleo, vegan, zone, whatever you decide to do be smart and know your body. But most importantly, don’t be one of those militant vegans who preach to the people who eat meat.

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