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Starting an online business has never been more popular, and it is easy to understand why; without the need for a retail store or even an office, the start-up costs and initial risk can be virtually zero. Protecting any business, large or small, start-up or established, against the latest web threats has become an incredibly complicated task. In the same way that you wouldn’t dream of leaving your back door unlocked at night, you wouldn’t invite cyber criminals into your business.
Size is really irrelevant when it comes to online crime and fraud and smaller businesses are easier targets due to limited or no in-house IT support.

Like it or not, passwords are the key to most small business networks, so they are important to protecting access to your networks.
This channel contains an overview of different kinds of online business as well as guides setting up in online marketplaces such as eBay and Amazon Marketplace and some top tips for starting an online business. In your security policy, cover social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more in your non-disclosure agreement for confidential business information. Encourage employees to limit the amount of personal information they share online for their safety and your company’s safety.

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