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Whether you are fighting to shed that “winter coat” you gained during the holidays, or are looking for a better way to get your life organized, we’ve got a list of apps to help you start the New Year off right. Right after the New Year begins, I always feel like I’ve overloaded with too much rich food, booze, and sugar. Whenever I see celebrities looking fantastic right after having a baby or into their twilight years, I envy their lifestyle. Each year, so many of us get the urge to detox, or start a cleanse, or maybe a new diet as part of our New Year’s resolutions.
This is why it’s so important to have a deeper understanding of how our choices have led us to where we are today, and how making new choices and clearing away the old emotional “junk” from our past can take us to amazing new places that we never imagined we would have the opportunity to experience. I could probably stay in shape if I had a personal sushi chef and someone kicking me out of bed to go for a jog every morning. Users set up a particular formula, like “call mom” or “find a gas station” and add it to their main page. Getting through the first month will be tough, but think about yourself in one year and where you want to be.

It’s really great that we have so much excitement about the year to come and how we can make it better than the year before. Too many times, we don’t even think about how our “baggage” from past experiences is affecting us and how important it is to clear that away so we can move forward with clarity and confidence into new areas of our lives.
And the more specific you set your goals for your future, such as a new job or car or income level, the more successful you will be at finding what is stopping you from reaching that goal. If you’ve fallen off the exercise wagon and are looking for a way to get motivated to start again, this app will get you moving. I went through a tough journey this year, and went from around 15.4 stone (215lbs for you Americans) to 11 stone (155lbs).
The motion detector recognizes when the Sandman has come and will turn off the audio track. If you are just getting started with your New Year’s resolution or are looking to drop those last five pounds, you’ll be guided to a workout routine that is just right for you. No matter what stage you are at you can do it, it will take time, but the results will change your life!

You can also add exercise statistics from a large database, or customize your own information. You can automatically send photos to group messages, scan items and search for their counterpart on Amazon, and even create a new project list in OmniFocus. If you are just starting out, you can choose a training plan to get help with daily fitness goals and weight loss plans. The business card scanner will even import new contact information by taking a picture of a card.

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