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Gaia House offers silent meditation retreats from various Buddhist traditions led by experienced Dharma teachers from all over the world. About Group Retreats: Teacher led retreats with a daily schedule of meditation, talks and teacher-led discussions or interviews, are listed in the Group Retreat Programme. About Personal Retreats: For meditators with prior experience of silent retreats and an established meditation practice, an extended period of independent or solitary meditation is an excellent way to develop our practice, deepen our understanding and foster greater self-reliance. About Work Retreats: For robust and healthy individuals with prior experience of silent meditation retreats.
Retreats offer an opportunity to explore and develop serenity, wisdom and compassion through meditation and mindfulness practice in a supportive environment. In the spirit of silence, you are asked to refrain from all forms of verbal and written communication with others and the outside world, during your retreat (except for essential communication with a teacher or coordinator). The teachings and practices offered here are founded in the spiritual teachings of the Buddha, who lived 2500 years ago.
For information regarding independent solitary retreats at other times of the year, please see About Personal Retreats. More FAQs about Retreats: The Frequently Asked Questions page is all about the practical side of coming on Retreat at Gaia House. We, the Marist Sisters and Staff of the Marist Retreat Centre, endeavour through our prayer life and in a spirit of faith and service to others, to live our lives, with Mary as our model, in an atmosphere of peace and tranquility. When you plan your spiritual retreat in the UK it means taking time away from your ordinary life and situation. A spiritual retreat in the UK offers the tranquility in which to ponder, reflect and connect with your inner life. Shambala Retreat Centre is a renovated country house, set in six acres of quiet and secluded grounds near Inverness.
Retreats conducted by SRF lay members are offered during the summer and winter months, as well as on special weekends throughout the year.

Silver develops and provides innovative training, workshops and retreat programs that focus on personal development and spiritual awareness. The Mexico retreat is a fun, life-changing week in tropical Mexico for women and men to learn methods on how to live from loving presence and vitality.
At the Encinitas Retreat and Ashram Center, Paramahansa Yogananda lived for many years and began the first SRF retreat program. Earthfire hosts customized retreats with the goal of supporting paradigm shifts in how we relate to nature for the 21st century and beyond. Divine Heart Center - 2013 Fall Reiki Raja Yoga Retreat Join Grand Masters Shaileshand Parul in Ashland, Massachusetts on November 22nd-24th, 2013. Serenity Of The Soul Fall Retreat With Sisters Of Solace Rolling Ridge Retreat Center 660 Great Pond Rd.
Reiki & Raja Yoga Retreat on Thanksgiving 2012 Weekend (Nov 23-25) Get initiated into the powerful path of Reiki Raja Yoga offered by the Divine Heart Center. Scarritt-Bennett Center’s Color of Silence Retreat Designed for rest, renewal and reenergizing, Scarritt-Bennett Center’s Color of Silence Retreat, Sept. Applicants should have formal retreat experience and a working knowledge of the Buddha’s teaching. At the end of the retreat there will be some time when silence is lifted and you will have the opportunity to talk and share your experiences with other retreatants. Participation in retreats does not require you to identify yourself as a Buddhist, or to subscribe to the principles of Buddhism. The Marist Retreat Centre is a homely and caring place where you can relax, slow down and enter into quiet moments for reflection and peace.
This is a Christian association based in the UK aiming to “help people find ways of exploring and deepening their journey with God through spirituality and prayer.” They hold quiet days in various retreat centres in the UK. Group Retreats each focus on a particular practice – depending on the teacher and the theme of each individual retreat as outlined in the Group Retreat Programme.

What is offered in retreats is the opportunity to experience this ennobling wisdom for ourselves. Gaia House is committed to supporting the physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual well-being of all who reside and work here. Read an article by John Teasdale on how MBCT & MBSR fit with Gaia House Meditation Retreats. Non-denominational Buddhist spiritual retreat centre in the UK that promotes wellbeing and sustainable living on community, guided or solitary spiritual retreats. This spiritual retreat is set in the magnificent and historic grounds of Glastonbury Abbey, Somerset, UK.
Regular retreats available, such as Detox and De-Clutter Your Life – A Raw Food Diet Retreat. Ideal for a private spiritual retreat in the UK, their Franciscan monastery at Glasshampton, near Shrawley in Worcestershire, offers solitude and spiritual direction too, if required. The purpose-built spiritual retreat centre in the UK is close to a nature reserve and has the use of the seventh-century chapel of St Ceed. The retreat centre offers a secluded, peaceful spiritual retreat for those in need of relaxation and spiritual nourishment. Famous for it’s hospitality and good food, they cater for both group and individual spritual retreats. What you do with them is up to you and a retreat is one of the best places to start to deal with what these feelings mean to your life. In such moments your retreat truly begins for this new consciousness starts a meditation about yourself that is the giving of undivided attention to your spirit.

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