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It takes a lot of work and practice to learn a foreign language, and even if you do it every day, big chances are that you will need years to become a master of languages and speak them fluently. Reading and writing is good for language learning of course, but if you want to know a language, you should speak it actually. One of the biggest problems all students have when it comes to foreign languages is the following: they perfectly understand everything they read and write, but they do not understand anything a native speaker says. You will listen to native accents, and you will learn both understanding and speaking, as you will hear how native speakers pronounce this or that word. When you write or speak a foreign language, mistakes are impossible to avoid, especially if you just started learning it.

It may be quite difficult to do when you just start learning a language, because you will meet new words all the time, but this tip perfectly works for students of intermediate or advanced level. As you know, there are some words in languages that are difficult to translate, because their accurate translations do not always exist actually.
And it is not surprising that we all start learning a foreign language, and we want to get some good results as soon as possible. And everything you want to do in such moments is to give up everything and stop learning a foreign language.
Your accent and grammar mistakes will not disappear if you do not use language in practice.

One foreign word can have several meanings, each of them should be used depending on context or situation, that is why it is always better to use a monolingual dictionary to make sure that a chosen word means exactly what you think. The best variant is to talk to native speakers of course, but if you do not have such an opportunity at the moment – just try to speak to your fellows who study the same language with you, or just speak to yourself. The point is to speak aloud, because no matter how good is your foreign language in your head, big problems may appear when you try saying something out loud.

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