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Leave no space wasted – including the space behind your cabinet kickplate and just below the roof. When not in use, it’s a shelf or a storage space that barely sticks out from the wall. Making the most of a tiny apartment is all about smart use of space, organization and multi-purpose furniture.
Compact bedroom sets can fit everything you need and more into a tiny room without even taking up the full space. When faced with minimal square footage, we tend to focus on floor space and ignore all of the usable real estate on the walls. Making a tiny living space comfortable and practical means integrating multi-purpose furniture, custom built-ins and lots of other clever space-saving tricks.

Narrow pull-out cabinets like these can pack a lot more than you’d think into otherwise unused space. Small, super-efficient wood stoves put out just enough heat and don’t require excessive space between the stove and surrounding surfaces. If you’ve got ceiling height, take advantage of it with lofted designs that lift beds, storage or work spaces, freeing up room on the floor. While tiny house dwellers typically have far fewer possessions than the rest of us, they do need storage and all the space-saving tricks they can get. High in the air and low to the ground are potential storage spaces that are often overlooked. Check out these four space-saving designs for stairs including a custom chest of drawers with steps on each side, narrow wall-mounted stairs, ship-style alternating stairs and steep stairs with built-in storage.

That empty space next to your refrigerator is practically begging to be put to use; a simple DIY pantry on casters hides away a surprising amount of food. Here are 27 of the most clever hacks and techniques for tiny houses, micro apartments, guest houses and other places where space is at a premium. A Portland couple with a 704-square-foot home used vertical space to pack in a closet and other storage areas under a lounge and workspace. A bed tucked under the stairs could be a creative way to use what’s often wasted space, and a simple handmade free-standing wooden platform elevates a bed over a dining area.

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