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For those of us who work with rescue organizations every day, there is a sad, sad phrase that is often uttered about the single most difficult type of dogs to find homes for: big black dogs.
Their photos and links to their profile on PetFinder will remain on our site until these dogs find a home.
We purchased the Slow em Down Metal Bowl for our bulldog winter, and are pleased to report that it works exactly as advertised.
All the tools you need to understand your dog, their behavior and what can be done to correct it are all right here in this gift of a book. If your dog eats fast, you know about the dangers of bloat or the risk of vomiting, gagging and unpleasant gasses.
While your pup is busy figuring out how to get at his din-din, you can sit down to yours without having to deal with a pair of pleading eyes looking up at you for scraps. If you prefer to find dog bowl with rubber base, then you should purchase Indipets stainless steel slow eating dish bowl.

I purchased the medium skid stop slow feed bowl from amazon and my bulldog is not able to get her face in it correctly to eat. Previously we have featured metal brake-fast dog food bowl to help your dog slowing down when eating, this bowl has been designed to intentionally slide on the floor to further slow down your dog. Green Interactive Feeder Slows Down Eating for Dogs to Prevent BloatEating too fast is dangerous to your dogs, they can vomit or develop bloat, therefore, making them eating slower is a must. If your dog eats fast and then starts begging for more food, an innovative product that can help is the Green Interactive Feeder.
If you wonder why Indipets stainless steel slow eating dish bowl has weird design, well some big dogs can eat extremely fast as if it was their last meal. Similar to brake-fast dog bowl, Indipets bowl also has a raised center circle to force your dog to eat around the outside which mean slowing down the eating process. The first time using Indipets stainless steel slow eating dish bowl, you probably find the mess around this bowl as your dog learns how to eat out of it.

Designed to last for years, Indipets stainless steel slow eating dish bowl promotes slow eating for better digestion for your dog, it’s bacteria, scratch and rust resistant.
Posts related to Indipets Stainless Steel Slow Eating Dish Bowl Features No-Skid Rubber Base to Prevent Tipping Metal Brake-Fast Dog Food Bowl Prevents Bloat in DogsThis product is the metal version of Brake-Fast dog food bowl as some dog owners are worried that their dogs might eat out of plastic.
I'm embarrassed to admit that when you post dog items, more of than not, I own them already. Green Interactive Feeder turns meal time into play time, while forcing your dog to slow down and work for his food.

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