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After spending the full day running from one meeting to the next, squeezing in e-mails and phone calls, and speaking with all sorts of people, I had a chance to be alone again. If you spend a lot of time alone by choice, and you enjoy doing things mindfully in solitude, then I don’t see why drinking should be any different. Being a born loner a nice bottle of good Scotch and some soft jazz make for great relaxing time alone. I’m not sure what the connotations may be about a woman drinking alone, but I greatly enjoy the experience. The Unsolvable Question of Gun ViolenceJeremy Barnes has been haunted by gun violence since 1994.

I have to admit, I didn’t think of what it must be like for a woman siting alone at a bar when I first wrote this piece. I live in Boston and a woman drinking alone even has more connotations especially in a bar.
That particular evening though, my friends were all busy and my favorite bartender had the night off.
I feel in control, regardless of my day, because sitting there, alone, drinking alone, eating alone, as not a single word passes my lips .. On any particularly busy day, you might find me sitting alone at the bar of a local restaurant, with a reuben and a disaronno on the rocks.

If you're at a cocktail bar, it's a treat to watch the bartenders do their thing—shaking, muddling, straining.
Watch as they prepare the drinks and you might even steal some tricks you can use yourself.And no matter what sort of bar you're at, take a look at the people there.

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