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Picture your future and choose a few financial goals to focus on at a time, like boosting your 401(k) or growing an ample emergency fund. When you are ready to get control of your financial life, it’s important to make sure you are living within your means. If you can’t trust yourself to follow through on positive financial behaviors, consider not giving yourself the option. The easier your financial management is, the more likely you are to stay on top of it and be in better fiscal health.
You drive your Audi to a specially designated car lot, leave the car at a drop-off area, choose an open space with a smartphone app and then let the car do all the work. Researchers from Carnegie Mellon University have developed a headlight system that combines a camera, projector, beam splitter and an Intel-based processor to reduce the number of raindrops in your field of view. One method to simplify your financial life is to consolidate your bank accounts to one checking account and one savings account to cut down on the paperwork and tracking.

You can save money and stress by bundling your assets that need insurance and consolidating your policies.
Set up direct deposits and contributions so you can watch your financial goals come into grasp without having to be proactive about it. Use the tips above and search for your own shortcuts to make this strategy a reality and watch your assets grow. Understanding the steps for good financial decision-making and simplifying your role can help you take control of your finances.
Once you start tracking where you money is going, you may be surprised by how much you are spending in each category and how your money can be put to better use. Most companies and banks offer this feature and this can cut down on your clutter and filing. You can sell or donate what you don’t need and watch your financial clutter decrease with your life clutter.

Check out the following tips to create an easier structure in your finances and watch how each small change adds up.
Call to set up paperless statements or bills and keep folders on your computer to help you track where your money is coming and going. If you or your children are already taking some courses, use the quick links to access those classes each time you come back. Resources & Specials will also simplify your life by giving you access to a variety of free materials to assist in your homeschooling journey.

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