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Excellent Introduction to MinimalismAs a "rational minimalist", Joshua Becker manages to present the idea of a simplified life in a manful way that anyone can relate to. This is one of those simplicity books that has a very vague and all-encompassing title but actually focuses on a fairly specific subtopic, in this case, upcycling. This book gives a few of the basic steps needed to simplify your life when it comes to stuff. But after several months of trying to find it, even braving the dread Self Help section, I gave up and downloaded it.This is a very good and practical book for anyone who wants to declutter or streamline their life.

Three years ago, his typical, suburban family of four made the decision to minimize their possessions, declutter their home, and simplify their lives. I really enjoyed it and highly recommend it to anyone seeking a little more simplicity and peace in our cluttered world. I like that this book isn't sensationalized and the author and his family are in no way extreme in their pursuit of simplicity. This gets a bit redundant, but it has the advantage of making it possible to flip to a particular room and get everything you need to do in one section without flipping around.The part I like best is that you have to remove everything from a room to really declutter.

For pleasant and thoughtful considerations of the benefits of a frugal lifestyle, I love the blog "The Simple Dollar." I've also reviewed a ton of other simplicity books on this shelf. So many of these books focus solely on decluttering and organizing, then give a chapter or two on maintenance.

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