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Yes all these things and others are important personal development tools but I have realized that by doing one thing – engaging in a path of Simple Living – will make everything else effortless. So in a way, if we only tried to make life simpler and nothing else, it’s already a hundredfold better than trying hard to do other self-improvement stuff – some of which perhaps fail, we give up on or take us a lot of persistence and struggle to achieve.
In an online course I created about Simple Living, one of the most important lectures is one which has to do with clearing and decluttering spaces. On a physical level, this can be seen in cluttered living or working spaces, rooms in our homes or perhaps disorganized drawers, closets and desks.
So in a nutshell living simply involves being clear about what is relevant, necessary and needed rather than living in a haze or worse living out a social program just like automatons. The last point naturally brings forth a more interesting topic – that of living an authentic life. So having a simplified and clear environmental and inner spaces is conducive to more creativity.
Finding your life purpose might not always be a direct result of simplifying your life although a lot of times it is.

It’s energy-wasting spending hours, days and weeks trying to relearn habits, boosting your confidence, visualizing your goals, improving your creativity, doing soul searching, etc without first simplifying your life. Many times I jokingly reply that they are asking the wrong person since it took me a long while to discover mine but I know that a good part of the answer lies in simplicity. Sometimes simplifying life brings us first closer to understanding ourselves and our inner motivations which then sheds more light on our true purpose.
With simplicity comes less noise and conflict which in turn makes it easier to have a better understanding of ourself and our motivations.
So when you are doing only those things and activities which springs out from an authentic sense of passion and belonging, time management is simpler. If you are having problems with meditation or simply want to go deeper I have a 15 minute composition posted on YouTube that may help this. That key is Simple Living or the idea of simplifying life in order to shed away what is unnecessary, inauthentic and a hindrance to your life purpose. In my view, living authentically means not being limited or confined to live out someone else’s life or a social template laid down to us through our socialization.

Of course some time management skills still apply even in simple living – in fact in my course I have also reserved space for this – but it is not the rat-race time management sort of thing; it’s more of a further optimization to an already focused and simple life. In reality when you are living a simpler life, time management is not so much of an issue anymore. Simplifying life might mean lots of things, but it takes a particular commitment and self-knowledge to be at peace with all the time demands that one creates and attempts to complete. If you are trying to be approved by others by living other people’s goals and standards, the less chance you have of coming close to understand what is authentically your life purpose.
Simply Google Spirit of the Wind 10 Good health and prosperity and thank you for listening.

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