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This easy liver pate is delicious, thanks to an unusual spice that does away with the liver taste. Even though I do not belong to the elect liver lovers, the nutritional profile keeps bringing me back to it. As a child, my preferred way of eating liver was tempura, coated in a batter and deep fried, with plenty of ketchup on the rare occasion that it made an appearance in our fridge. My mother in law sometimes makes goose liver, just cooked, and there is so much fat it is just soft.
I use bone broth or chicken stock for liquid to maximise the WAPFness And back in Ukraine we used to put sour cream into chicken livers. I very seldom leave a comment any where, but I just finished making this pate with beef liver. Thank you for your posting of this recipe, our family is gluten and dairy free and your take on this inspired me to try pate with the liver I had from one of our cows. Thanks for visiting!If you’ve only ever had chicken livers fried with onions or chopped up with hardboiled eggs, then it’s time to experience liver in a more decadent way. This recipe, which is based off one by the great French chef Jacques Pepin, uses a little bit more restraint and gives the chicken livers first billing.
The fat content is personal preference – I use 1 part fat to 3 of liver, but you can do a 50-50 mix for a richer pate. 1) chop the the livers up quite small and gently brown in fat in a frying pan, as they start to look done add the garlic (if the liver pieces are too large they tend to get burned on the outside and undercooked on the inside.
I don’t like liver either but I love my Mum’s pate which is very similar to this recipe! Chicken livers are much more mild than beef (or even calves’) liver, so to my palate, much easier to eat! There is a common misconception that the liver of an animal stores toxins, making it a dangerous and "dirty' organ.
Nonetheless, it is important to remember that the nutrient content of liver varies greatly depending on the treatment of the animal from which it comes.
Being high in many B vitamins, especially B12, and vitamin A, liver also apparently improves energy levels, or at least improves endurance. Slowly caramelizing the onions in the fat brings out the sweetness, which helps mellow out the liver taste. The pate seems pretty stable, I would guess that it would last minimum a week in the fridge covered, but it gets eaten pretty quickly here.

I tried your pate recipe using lamb liver and, even with all your tricks, is still too strong flavor I did chicken liver before with a slightly different recipe and it worked much better. Thank you – I think this is the best liver pate recipe ever, but then I may be a little biased The allspice does make a big difference though. Not that Grandma’s chopped liver doesn’t hit the spot sometimes, but the smooth, whipped texture and buttery flavor of Chicken Liver Pate is really something special.
First, simmering the liver in liquid instead of browning it prevents the liver from drying out while cooking.
Sliced liver should be fried on one side till the juices just start to run out, and then turned over and fried for even less time. Rich in protein, fat-soluble vitamins, B12, trace minerals, purines and antioxidants like CoQ10, liver is a nutritional powerhouse. However, while it is true that one of the biological functions of the liver is to filter unwanted substances from the blood, this organ does not act as a deposit area. It could be the generous amount of lovely golden ghee involved or the savory medley of spices, but I found this pate to be very palatable- even enjoyable! If you tolerate grains, this pate makes a lovely pair with sourdough bread or homemade croutons. I like this particular version because it can be made dairy free by simply using ghee instead of butter.
In the 50’s an experiment with rats showed that rats who ate liver were able to swim anywhere from one to two hours (when the experiment ended) as opposed to an average of 13 minutes.
It also makes a difference how fresh the livers are (if they start to age a bit they get stronger too) and how old the animal was (the older the animal, the stronger the flavour). I personally want my pate to taste like liver so I don’t use allspice in my liver pates. The liver flavor is slightly stronger but the texture is still perfectly smooth and creamy. The bacon wrapped livers were a classic fail, with me being the only one to eat more than a teensy weensy taste. Although wrongfully maligned by trendy low-cal-diet-loving nutrition schools, livers (from chicken, turkey, duck, cattle, etc.) are actually highly beneficial protein sources that have been served throughout international cuisine for centuries. Conventional supermarket chicken livers are not recommended as they are of inferior nutritional quality. And really, as creepy as livers sound, they are actually not difficult to work with in the kitchen.

Another dish I like to make with liver is marinate it in garlic, ginger, soy sauce and just a tad of vinegar, then dredge in in flour and fry. Right now I have several pounds of good wholesome liver, some lamb and some beef, in the freezer. Process just until the livers are finely chopped, then, with the blade still running, start adding the butter 1 tablespoon at a time.
Because I have a hard time sourcing chicken livers locally, I used these pastured chicken livers from Tendergrass Farms for my pate experiment.
Some traditional French recipes call for so much butter that the end result is more like butter pate with a little bit of chicken liver thrown in. Either way, this chicken liver pate is a perfect snack, one loaded with flavor as well as protein, vitamins and minerals.
I encourage you to get creative- after all you might just come up with something fantastically liver-y and wonderful! The act of eating liver and enjoying it also happens to fall into this infelicitous category of my un-accomplishments. I used freshly ground allspice; if you only have preground allspice you will need to add more, taste testing until the liver taste mellows.
Livers are inexpensive and beneficial enough that we’ll give this a go amd hope for better results! So, in the spirit of goal-making and a fresh start, welcome to the "Learning to Love Liver" blog series! Right now I have way over a pound of pork liver in the freezer wondering what I want to do with it. And, if you happen to be one of the lucky liver-inclined out there, perhaps you will share some our your tips along the way. This week we will start with a simple Chicken Liver Pate inspired by Nourishing Traditions.

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