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Families should remain watchful in both identifying the symptoms and signs of suicidal ideas. The DSM (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders) keeps redefining mental illnesses to encompass ever increasing proportion of the population. The DSM has many faults, but it primarily describes mental distress it does not prescribe it.
As a result of the British legacy in many countries in the Commonwealth, the act of suicide remains illegal, so if your gun does not get you, the legal system will.

Often feeling low is accompanied by tiredness and variations in mood as the day progresses, sadness, tearfulness, sleep disturbances and altered sleep patterns, low libido, poor appetite and loss of weight.
Often men are competitive and depression is interpreted as a sign of failure and therefore they may find it difficult to share these feelings with anyone.
More than 40 years ago, looking at low rates of suicide in black men in New York, it was observed that the rates of suicide were indeed low but those of homicide in this group were high, indicating that men swaggered their way out by arguing, ‘I will kill or get killed.’ Men tend to use more violent methods in completing suicide, and they tend to deal with their depression by drinking or through aggression or acts of violence.
Men may also use drugs more often to self-medicate and hide feelings of depression, as the general stereotype is that men do not get depressed and if they do, it is ‘moral weakness’.

The loss of a job or lack of promotion may be seen as emasculating, leading to feelings of depression compounded by feelings of rejection and low self-esteem. Many physical illnesses including arthritis, diabetes, hypertension and an underactive thyroid can all cause depression.

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