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Some years ago – actually it was quite awhile back – I spent a day working as a volunteer at a local Toronto mission. Well, it depends on your definition of ‘selfish.’ The common understanding of what it means to be selfish seems to be the idea of someone looking out for his or her own interests and needs at the expense of others. Beautiful Minds Workshop Melbourne, is the finest self confidence course for young women in Australia.

It’s the last part of this definition – at the expense of others – that makes selfishness the pariah of personality traits that we try to aspire to.
In fact being selfish – in the truest sense of the word – means self-awareness and self-care.
We are all naturally motivated to be selfish by this definition, and yet so many of us adopt a different understanding of it or are taught to consistently put the needs of others before, and sometimes at the expense of, ourselves.

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