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When I stop the film for questioning I ask these questions and more depending on the group. In the process of the discussion we talk about how we sometimes wear different masks to fit in around our school and what some of those masks are. POSITIVE ROLE MODELINGUp to 82% reported that their mentor was the kind of student they wanted to be.
Students in the program also demonstrated an increased knowledge of accommodations available in elementary, middle, or high school, as well as their availability in college. Up to 89% felt that being part of Eye to Eye made them better advocates for themselves as students with learning differences. For the past 20 years, research has consistently demonstrated that these skills are fundamental to the successful transition of youth with learning disabilities into higher education and the workforce.

Guided imagery helps people prepare for medical meditation that is both interesting, relevant, and useful. At the end of our discussion, I ask students to think about what their mask would look like. HOPE FOR THE FUTUREUp to 87% reported that their mentor helped them to think about their future positively.
Up to 95% reported that because they felt like part of a real community (often for the first time) their self-confidence and self-esteem improved, as did their ability to advocate for themselves.
Eye to Eye helps all participants in the areas of self-perception, metacognition, attitude toward school and the academic community, and self-advocacy behaviors.
The video proceeds to go through the school day in class, throughout the halls, chess club, and lunch time.

SELF-ADVOCACYUp to 73% believed that their mentor helped them learn how to ask for the things they need in order to do well in school.
Another scene in the hallway shows a student walking down the hall with a lavender designed masks and walks up to a group with all maroon masks and switches her mask to maroon.

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