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Healthy self-esteem in a child is like a protective armor that will shield them against challenges that they may face day to day in the world.
In order to help your child build up their self-esteem, you must be a positive role model or mirror for your child’s thoughts and actions. There are many young men moving through life aimlessly without direction or a sense of guidance.
This book takes you step by step through the most important elements of transitioning to manhood. Pull Your Pants Up is a simply written, easy-to-understand inspirational self help book for teens and young adults. Pull Your Pants Up is a simply written, easy-to-understand inspirational self-help book for minority youth and young adults. An Athlete’s Guide to Chronic Knee Pain: Theories and Solutions for Patellar Tendonitis, Jumpers Knee, and Patellar Tracking Problems.

If your child constantly hears you complain, talk negatively about yourself, or use phrases such as “I Can’t,” they will learn to mimic your thoughts, behaviors, and actions.
With the media and internet being at a forefront of the live’s of many young adults, kids are constantly bombarded with inaccurate beliefs about beauty, perfection, talent, or anything else. It will be equally beneficial to the young adult who has wandered away from a life of decency and good judgments. It will benefit the young man who may not be fully aware of the steps needed inplanning a good life.
Kids who have a higher self worth have an easier time resisting negativity and being able to handle outside pressures. As a parent, it is important to immediately acknowledge these irrational beliefs and redirect your child’s thoughts to a more logical perception of people and the world. Helping your child build and understand their own confidence is essential to creating a strong minded and resilient human being who will be able to tackle challenges and move forward in life with purpose and their head held high.

Inaccurate perception of self can take root in a child and stick with them through out adulthood.
While doing so, and throughout the course of your day, make sure to offer praise and validation from your child. Take the first step to increasing your individual self-esteem and self worth so that your behaviors and thoughts will rub off on your child. Offer praise for your child’s good work and focus on their strengths rather than break them down for their weaknesses. As a parent, you play the most important role in creating a being who will be able to feel secure, feel important, work to their strengths, and be willing to improve their weaknesses.

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