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Be inspired to build a solid foundation of self-esteem, which will improve the quality of your relationships, increase satisfaction with your career, and deepen the meaning and purpose of your life. Self-esteem focuses on the strengths of an individual to create a sense of personal value or self-worth.
Provide experiences that require effort to learn success: The greatest self-esteem experience is when a child can succeed through hard work, effort, and working through any possible fear or limitations.
This is the revised edition of the popular BREAKING THE CHAIN OF LOW SELF-ESTEEM, viewed by many as the Bible of Self-Esteem. After seeking help from various therapists & doctors without any success from cognitive therapy or medication, I found the book Breaking the Chain of Low Self-Esteem. After reading the book, I felt that at long last, there was an understanding of my issues that I could actually relate to.

I have found a new way of dealing with my low self esteem, and now I can start to live my life to the full. Now in an updated second edition, Breaking The Chain of Low Self-Esteem by clinical psychologist Marilyn J. Back in the '60s and '70s when the self-esteem movement was at its height, parents were told to praise their children for their positive attributes to build high levels of self-esteem. It can stop children from persevering towards a defined goal when the going gets tough because false self-esteem is superficial and doesn't allow one to access the deep reserves that true self-esteem can provide. By supporting, encouraging, and allowing children to go through the throes of a challenging situation or circumstance can turn it into a life changing can do experience and lead to higher levels of success and self-worth.
I was so enlightened on reading the book and due to the severity of my issues decided to contact Marilyn Sorensen directly to start with her process of therapy.

Accepting oneself with all of our frailties and good qualities is the true act of self-love.
Readers love this easy-to-read book and many have declared it to be the best self-help book they've ever read.

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