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Modern Martial Arts NYC, Best Martial Arts Classes NYC, Kickboxing Classes NYC and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Classes. The best way to experience what Modern Martial Arts NYC has to offer is to purchase a trial package.
If you're looking for the ultimate way to transform your body, sharpen your mind, develop self-confidence to achieve your goals and easily get in great shape, try the Adult Martial Arts classes at Trigon Academy of Martial Arts. Our dedicated instructors will teach you how to use your hands, feet, elbows, and knees to learn effective self defense, while getting fit and confident. Plus they learn to be mentally tough and confident in dealing with bullies, drugs and negative peer pressure.

2 NYC Kickboxing Classes for $29.99Modern Martial Art NYC offers a variety of classes for all levels and ages. In the Tiny Champs class, students ages 3 and 4 learn motor skills, friendly social interactions and begin to understand the concepts of respect and self-discipline. You will learn specialized training methods to not only challenge you physically, but also instill you with confidence.
We foster creativity, cooperation and confidence in a safe environment where all kids are perfect just the way they are! It focuses on the basic principles of martial arts and striking techniques from a self defense perspective.

It's perfect for beginners or experienced athletes alike, the classes offer a low-pressure environment where students feel safe and confident at any level.

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