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IntroductionThis essay aims to compliment other documents about my teaching methods, expanding upon the nature, causes and harm of criticism and why confidence is so important and needs to be nurtured.
You must monitor Confidence because it can easily turn into arrogance which then can lead to the mistaken and destructive belief that previous achievement will be repeated without the same hard effort that brought it about in the first place. This block of the Pyramid addresses a most important characteristic: selflessness which is the opposite of selfishness. True abiding confidence is earned through tenaciously pursuing and attaining those assets that allow you to reach your own level of competency; that is, excellence. As much as I value experience, and I value it greatly, I'd rather have a lot of Skill and less experience that the other way around.
Research shows the leadership skills high school athletes learn as teenagers helps them have the confidence that impresses employers and leads to landing competitive jobs. The Positivity Blog gives some tips to help you regain your confidence so you can compete when applying for jobs.

Mastery of the skills you need in your job requires learning and it is why leaders and those who are high achievers are lifelong learners. I viewed Self-Control, both personal and by our team, as a sixth Bruin on the court during my years at UCLA.
To me these are the most noteworthy characteristics of true Friendship as it pertains to leadership. Most people, the overwhelming majority of us, wish to be in an organization or part of a team whose leadership cares about them, provides fairness and respect, dignity and consideration. She writes that people who have lower self-esteem are probably doing poorly in the work place. The study, published in the Journal of Leadership & Organizational Studies, specifically highlights that adults who were top players in high school were more competitive in the job market. If you weren’t a star athlete in high school, you can still gain the confidence you need to be competitive in the workplace.

Breaking out of your comfort zone is critical to gaining confidence.  A few more tips include exercising, facing your fears, and not comparing yourself to others. Sharing ideas, information, responsibilities, creativity and tasks is a priority of good leadership and great teams. In her book, Frankel says that people with low self-esteem rarely speak up at meetings and are very unsure of themselves. For names of the winners, send your request in a self-addressed, stamped envelope to: The IBT Media Email Address Monthly Giveaway Winners List, 7 Hanover Square, 5th Floor, New York, NY 10004. Lois Frankel, president of Corporate Coaching talks about self-esteem in her book Nice Girls Don’t Get The Corner Office.

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