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Acheive Small Accomplishments and Keep a journal Not rated yetI think a great self esteem builder is keeping a journal in which you write your goals and accomplishments, ideas, and dreams. You can offer a helping hand to another, helping him across a hurdle, but you can't carry other people's burdens indefinitely.
My desire and goal in life is to encourage, to build up, and to propel you toward greater self-confidence and biblical satisfaction in life, business and in your relationship with God and other people. One of the areas I am doing this is in providing self-confidence quotes and tips for you to read, share, and grow by. If you want to build up self #confidence, tear down your walls of regrets, bitterness, jealousy, & past failures.

In the comments section below, feel free to share any self-confidence quotes or tips you have that will benefit my readers. This entry was posted in Positive Thinking, Self Confidence and tagged Anthony Robbins, Brene brown, building confidence, building self-esteem, confidence help, deepak chopra, fear based thoughts, Jack Canfield, letting go, marsha beck, positive thinking, self-help, self-help gurus, Susan Jeffers, Terri Cole, visualization, Wayne Dyer.
Remember the Good Times Not rated yetI think back to a time when I acomplished something and felt really great,and my self esteem levels were high.
It is the way you think about yourself, the way you look at yourself - your self-image and self-regard.
Build self esteem by learning a musical instrument Not rated yetI was pretty shy in high school. Your self-esteem will influence your sense of self-confidence and how you relate to others.

Having your own role-models, people who have accomplished what you desire to accomplish, people you admire, people who stimulate you to become more, to develop your latent abilities, who push you upward, will help you to overcome hurdles when going gets rough.
May God richly bless you in your journey towards becoming a more confident and courageous person. When you have a healthy self-esteem you'll treat yourself with self-respect, acknowledging that other people may have different views than you have and that your view are just as valid.

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