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By Alex Trukan Playing with a back three gives huge advantages in midfield and forward units. Sometimes I find it useful to use other sports to get across my coaching point to my soccer players like the exercise from Michael Beale in this issue which uses elements of rugby to coach group defending. Players are divided into two teams and have to run with the ball in their hands and score by running through the gates while in possession. Our defending manual by Michael Beale was launched in February 2009 and contains 67 easy to coach drills for marking, tackling and blocking. I was thinking about this during the week after reading about former England international John Barnes. Click here to go to my blog and see John Barnes in action and work out for yourselves why that passion wasn't present in his coaching.
If you get two sets going like in the diagram you can have them running against each other. Soccer Coach Weekly is used by coaches all over the world to give them the edge when it comes to competing in matches.

Often my players have come straight from school to start their soccer training session, having been cooped up all day in a classroom. I think the 64 Small-Sided Soccer Games manual is excellent, I use the games or I adjust it to what I need from the skill set I am trying to improve upon.
The instructions are easy to understand, the games are fun and they helped me tremendously in my first year as a head coach for high school age kids.
Focusing on soccer drills to help young strikers' skills in controlling the ball, dribbling and shooting is a good way to ensure you get more shots on goal than before. Advance the soccer drill by getting the server to follow their pass and become a defender to try and stop the striker shooting, instead of running behind the attacker to join the queue. A good soccer coaching tip is to tell your strikers to keep shots low, concentrate on accuracy before power and follow in for rebounds. Your players will have great fun doing this as they try and avoid running in to each other and stopping the ball where they are supposed to. Not the sort of passion that has them running up the touchline screaming at the players, but a passion for coaching children how to play soccer.

He was a fantastic player for Liverpool, though he struggled to bring that to the England team. It also needs a soccer brain because your players not only have to control the ball then stop it, they are also under pressure to see where they are going. Tell your players to run to the first cone, control the ball while running across to the opposite cone and stop it with their foot next to the cone.
So all they are doing is running to the cones and controlling the ball as they move across the cones and move up. These soccer drills are helping develop your players' soccer instincts in front of the goal.

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