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Since I like to make lists, here’s the newest list of the ten things I learned from running ten miles a day for ten days, in no particular order. To learn how I met Ptheven and the pthory behind it, or even if you just want to laugh, please read this post HERE when I was having one of those days when everything made me laugh.
In 2009, I was coming off many many months of injury and had just started running regular mileage again. I haven’t been running that long so I havent repeated races but i did the Japan Day race twice.
If you struggle with 1 mile, then don’t worry about longer distances for now until you perfect one mile.
And as always, do not forget to drink plenty of water, especially the days before you go on your runs.
Be sure to read through the comments for some advice and tips about running from your peers.
I prefer to run short sprints of 100 yards or less and then once a week run longer distances like 2 or 3 miles. When I was trying to get in shape for running(I started out doing a mile and a half in 15 minutes and be ready to die.
It is true that running is very hard at the beginning, but you cant get better unless you do it over and over again. Do yourself a huge favor and just pick up some running reading materials and read-up on how professionals train and so on. While a day late (I’m always running late), I thought this would be an appropriate post for National Running Day.
Sitting on the couch, outfitted in my running clothes, I have visions of Cameron in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.
We took our time waking up on Sunday and were hurting a bit due to cranky baby (up every couple of hours) and Daylight Savings Time. I’m hoping the rain will hold off enough today to allow me to get a 3 mile walk in with the boys. While you don’t have a club in your hands when you run, you can still experience hitting that sweet spot while running.
This is such a huge honor to be included with a great group of bloggers and people I call running friends for this event.
I love National Running Day! I love all the running posts and encouragements that stream across social media on National Running Day.
As if you needed more encouragement to go run (it REALLY is good for you!), here’s a cool infographic outlining some of the great benefits of running. Another cool thing happening today for National Running Day is all the great race discounts. Hope you’re having a great day and hope this encourages you to get out there and run, run, run!
I’ve NEVER run 70 miles in one week, only 64 when in peak marathon training several years ago.
It’s very doable for a regular runner, but yeah, it was a lot of miles in a short amount of time!! This race, named in honor of the late running legend Grete Waitz, holds a lot of special memories for me. My sister just started running and I’m looking for good recipes to pass along to her.

You don’t need to run 10 miles a day each day to get better and you don’t need to run daily to get better. Once I have adapted to enough miles per week I can add more running days and nix some rest days, but for right now I the spectrum of distance, target, and varying sprints. I remember one day in spring practice my golf coach was going over proper grip, back swing and follow through. I’ve been struggling for a while to find my running mojo and get back my love of running.
Running visor and shirt from Punk Rock Racing – I love that their clothing is unisex and fitting for that bad-ass runner in your life, be them male or female.
Once I started taking them during this challenge, my recovery time dramatically decreased, and I felt so much better than I normally do when running in swampy conditions. It’s a ton of miles, and I really had to push myself, physically but mostly mentally. It really made a difference in getting through those days when I didn’t want to spend 100 minutes by myself doing the same thing I had been doing for several days before.
Sometimes I think running with someone and helping them reach a new running goal can be just as exciting as getting one of your own. Just try to run every other day, switch it up, some days longer distances, some days try to run short distances but faster, find what works for you and master it.
Once you can run 3 miles in under 22 minutes or so, you are free to run as far as you want.
Train by using sprints, hills, target distance (3 miles for the PFT), long distance (this helps with overall endurance and vascular adaptation), and maybe even a bit of cross-training, like kettlebells or deadlifts or whatever. I am really excited for how I can change my program as my mileage goes up to include two different types of running in a single day, like run 3 miles for a PFT trial run and then just keep running another 3 miles to make an overall 6 mile distance.
I love that I have an extra hour of daylight at the end of the day to play with the boys and run, but I hate the loss of an hour and the impact it has on our bodies.
Z, Little Z and I met up with them the Saturday of the expo and had lunch before heading over to the expo to pick up our packets and peruse the running goodies. I’ve been running with a Shuffle for years now and have been through about 6 of them.
When I put their running clothes on I feel a little more rebellious, a little more kick-ass, a little more PUNK.
We ran it as a family: a little one in the oven, another little one in the stroller, and a big one running beside me. It kept my mind off the actual act of running, and it was good to catch up with each one of them during our workouts.
When I ran the event way back in 2007, I had just moved to Manhattan and was still trying to figure out my post-college running goals. Keep in mind that during boot camp, there are no PT runs that are farther than three miles. Once you can run 30 minutes non stop with ease, you then can increase your time and try running set distances such as 2, 3 miles. And remember, if you run 1.5 miles in 10 minutes, this does not mean you will run 3 miles in 20 minutes. I have known a large number of people who have changed their running techniques (gradually) and have reaped a ton of benefit. You’d be amazed how much your running technique can improve by strengthening your core and upper back separately from running because this will allow you to use proper running posture for longer, which helps you breathe much easier.

I felt so bad for having to leave her to finish out those last 10 miles but I just couldn’t go any longer. I’m hoping once we get past the holidays I can get back to a routine where I can incorporate running more.
The times recorded showed the time I spent standing, so they weren’t exactly accurate for per mile splits. I’m not sure being a full time (or even part time) running coach is feasible right now, but I do know that I enjoy motivating and encouraging runners to meet their goals. And your runs will begin at 1.5 miles and will be a steady pace and will increase to 3 miles. Generally, what you want to try is mixing both long runs and speed work into your week of running. Most marathon training programs I have seen say it is best to increase only by about 10% (10 miles one week, then 11 the next week, then 12.1 the next, and so on) each week and every 4 or 5 weeks take a few extra days off. We got a mile in and were feeling good when Little Z’s iPad app got stuck and he wanted something to drink. Baby Z-peat is now old enough where I can take him to the gym and use the gym daycare for an hour or so. At the end of boot camp you do one run that is about 4 miles or so, but this is a battalion sized run and it is very slow. If you want a 3 mile time for yourself, the only way to do this is to actually run 3 miles and not by doubling your IST run time. For running distance, start out running 30 minutes twice a week at a jog, 30 minutes twice a week at a faster pace, and 45 minutes at a comfortable pace. It took a couple of miles for my legs to loosen up and feel warmed up but then I just kept plugging away. I plan to start using it in the mornings while Little Z is in pre-school and try and log a few miles and workouts. Additionally, use hills to your advantage, get used to running up them hard and down them controlled but fast.
My running buddy and I registered under pseudonyms because we were afraid our coach would find out. I have learned from Chi Running and vibram training to adapt from really bad heel-striking to running on my toes and leaning slightly forward (that is to say I run with a healthy straight back) and just kind of let my whole body fall forward into the run and use my running speed to keep from fallin on my face. I know that consistency is the key to getting my running fitness back and getting my speed back up. This takes several minutes off of my run and makes a fast pace much easier since I’m basically in a constant state of falling and running to keep up. For example, if you want to do 6 minute miles, do 400 meters in 90 seconds, or 800 meters in 180 seconds. It’s difficult to not grab a huge hamburger and fries and shove it into my mouth every day (well, OK, I did that ONE day). Once I got into good running shape, my week basically looked like this: monday was a 45-50 minute training run(about 2 minutes slower than my mile race pace.

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