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When I say cooking and baking I don’t mean your girlfriend sits around and you wear an apron cooking her dinner.
Relaxing and making some popcorn or having some chips and salsa while watching a funny, scary, or adventurous movie is the traditional thing to do at home with a woman.
Sure those seem like activities to do with your friends, but playing around with your girlfriend is a lot more fun and playful. The great thing about video gaming is there are competitive options and cooperative options to mix up the experiences.

For guys who have their own place, there should be more to do than just sex or hooking-up when hanging out.
Taking a swim together, if you have a pool, is another great activity to do at home on a nice day.
Baking some brownies or cookies that can be had for dessert while doing any of the other activities on the list is also a fun option.
Bonding at home can help strengthen a current or future relationship and these ideas should help out when sex isn’t an option.

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