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The day of romance, the day when the cupid shoots love arrows to make love connections (or so they say!), the day when all you see around you is love and nothing but love, yes, we are talking about one of the most awaited days of the year – The Valentine’s Day. Playing Video Games Together: It’s alright if no match is playing on Valentine’s Day, there’s always the option of some video games action.
Sing a Song: While you are having a candle lit dinner with the love of your life, hold her hand and sing her a romantic song, tell her how much she means to you. Propose: If you have been going steady with your special one and have been planning a proposal, then there’s no better day than Valentine’s to express your love for her and the willingness to spend the rest of your life with her. If you’re really looking for some cute Valentine’s Day Ideas, it really just depends upon you definition of cute. Go on a date with your Valentine to your most favorite restaurant or to the one where you both first went on a date to.
Home cooked meal under the stars – There’s nothing more romantic than laying beside the most special person in your life, holding hands, under the blanket of star-lit night and talking. Personalized card – So they say that Valentine’s Day is incomplete without exchanging cards. Painting – If you want to test the creative genius in you, paint something for your sweetheart. Do share with us any other Valentine’s Day Ideas you have or your experience of how the day went. Make a picture frame filled with memories. My sisters gave me this idea, and I actually used it for our anniversary this year. However, there are also those who know what they feel inside but only lack a few awesome ideas to make their other half fall head over heels for them. For all those, who live to cook, you are already more than half way there and for those who avoid stepping in to the kitchen, it’s time you did.

So, grab a bucket full of popcorn, some munchies and beer and watch his favorite match with him and cheer for his favourite team. So, take this opportunity, keep the entire house to yourself this Valentine’s (if you live with mates or kids) and spice things up with your Valentine. We say business because gifting a woman can be tricky considering a lot of them always have the highest and the grandest hopes when it comes to receiving presents, no matter the occasion. Decorate her room with heart shaped wall decals, some roses (make sure you get rid of the thorns), scented candles, light them up before she enters her room, and be ready to receive her love in the days that follow. You could have a home cooked meal before all that, but spending quality time together is what we are aiming for, really. If not, then try the easiest method – take your most favorite photo with your love and check online for a tool that turns pictures into painting, get it framed and voila!
She told me her husband bought them two weekender bags (like this one) for Valentine’s day last year, and had them all packed and ready to go for a romantic weekend away. The main character maybe went a little over the top (there were like 26 clues), but you could definitely do this and make it so fun and romantic for your significant other. For our 100th day of marriage, I got up early that morning and posted 100 sticky notes all over the house, each one with a different reason why I loved my husband. So today i will try and advise the men on the best gifts we should endeavor to give our wives.Lingerie is  classic and no woman has ever been dissatisfied with this clothing, the soft silk makes them feel so sexy and comfortable, for those who want to ignite intimacy should buy lingerie. Whether it’s a heart shaped waffle along with decaf or juice (whatever she prefers), or toast and eggs, prepare breakfast for her and make sure you have it ready before she awakes. Buy some scented candles and keep them lit the entire day for that extra romantic effect, allow no sunlight if you want to keep it that way. The different colored sticks are for how much planning and money are required for the date.

Indirectly by purchasing it for her, you end up benefiting from it.A High percentage of women will always go for flowers. And if you plan on a sunrise, then there’s nothing better than going for a fresh walk early morning pre or post your sunrise-watching session. It will mean a lot knowing you pay attention to their favorite things, or that you got them something YOU love for them to wear.
It seriously is one of my most treasured possessions, and I’m excited that we’ll have it for our kids to look at one day, too! Giving your wife a red flower in the morning  of placing them where she can see when she awakes will give her so much joy.You cannot separate women and chocolate. For those in this category, try customizing a CD for her or just writing a poem for her, am sure she will love it.Indulge her to a romantic candle light dinner and dress up for it include Champagne for the night. Women love words more than anything and by just sitting and talking to her especially on this special day will win her heat for you forever. Jewelry should not be fake, this day happens only once a year so sacrifices should be done. If money is scarce and 22 carets seem too expensive you can go for the cheaper 14 carets jewelry. Guest PostGreg Michael is a known blogging expert and internet marketer for the longest time.

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