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Born in 1969, when apartheid South Africa was in full swing, Banks grew up in a disadvantaged household.
When he isn’t helping others improve their own lives, you could probably find Robin practicing his golf game at a nearby course.
Depending on what Mind Power talk, course or series one goes to determines how much you are able to get out of it.
Mind Power expert Robin Banks is in town and will be running two free introduction seminars and a four week course, in Auckland, this month. Mind Power expert Robin Banks will be running two free introduction seminars and a four week course, in Auckland in October. It is here where I begin to see Robin really spring into action, slowly releasing small gems of wisdom which are highly useful but rarely followed.

However I am both inspired and blown away by the passion and personal power of the women in New Zealand, they seem to be at the forefront and on the cutting edge forging a way forward for woman in what has been a male dominated society. The ABC language of the Victim is Accusation, Blame and Complaint; they feel powerless and blame circumstances and other people for their lives. In the exact same way your mind doesn’t care what thoughts you think, it will manifest whatever you desire. Humans have the power to decide what they are going to think about “Nobody wakes up in the morning and tells you what to think about. The ABC language of the Victor is Attitude, Beliefs and Choices, these are three forces of personal power which you and you alone control. The subconscious mind cannot tell the difference between what is real and what is imagined the conscious mind knows it’s not real, but it is the subconscious mind which is the great manifestor and it learns through repetition and drama, So see the images daily and feel the emotions as if you have already achieved that goal! 2001 - Living It Up In Amsterdam2002 - Trademarking a Sticky Situation2003 - Building A Better Kiwi Web2004 - Bleating Bloggers Begin2005 - Second Coming Of The Web2006 - Fanboys and Fangirls Unite 2007 - Friend Request Accepted 2008 - Power To The People2009 - Fight For Your Right To InternetNEW!

Choose to be outstanding and remarkable in the face of adversity and recognise that all you have the Power of Choice on your side, so consciously choose to shape your destiny. While the Banks household was not overly strict, good family values were still installed into him.
The beauty of this technology is that you can use your mind for whatever purpose you desire, your mind is a magnificent servant, but it is a terrible master and it thrives with discipline and routine. They are all related to Mind Power in some shape or form; The Matrix, Limitless, and Dead Poet Society.

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