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It’s January and millions of people will be desperately trying to slim down after all the festive indulgences, or perhaps after suffering years of unwanted weight gain caused by an unhealthy lifestyle or a medical condition. This is completely natural because, after losing weight, your brain reacts with an even stronger emotional attraction to your favourite foods as it tries to regain what your body has lost through dieting. In a U.S research study which used fMRI scanning to see the brain patterns of people before and after weight loss, it has been discovered that after weight loss parts of the brain associated with self-reward become more active while parts of the brain associated with self-control become less active. It is essential that you deal with controlling emotional cravings for food because these will invariably lead you to reward eating. Our cultural preoccupation with manic gym workouts as the symbol of weight loss in action has made exercise scary, unhealthy and is unsustainable for your body as a regular weight loss strategy. For hundreds of years now Chinese Medicine has been using Tai Chi – a gentle exercise which can also aid in weight loss as it releases stress from your body and keeps you energised and centred. Whatever you choose, try to make yourself slightly out of breath for half an hour 5 days a week but never forget to lead a balanced life.

Weight is not only dependent on the simple concepts of calorie and fat intake versus exercise, according to Chinese Medicine. Getting yourself to commit to a daily workout routine can be a challenge for beginners especially when everyday life gets in the way. Below are two simple ways to get excited about your workout and the reward that will follow. Nadia MurdockNY Fitness ExaminerNadia Murdock discovered her passion for fitness after being faced with the difficulty to eat nutritious meals, stay in shape and juggle college all at the same time. They go in full of dread, convinced that exercise for weight loss is meant to be a gruelling test. A range of factors, such as unbalanced diet, irregular meal times, lack of exercise and unstable emotions will lead to Spleen and Stomach failing to process food properly and transport the energy to various parts of the body, causing an excess of Damp and Phlegm which manifest as excess weight and obesity. Including small rewards after reaching fitness milestones is an excellent way to stay both mentally and physically focused.

After shampooing with the 7-in-1 NonFoaming Shampoo (retail $22.00), apply the mask from root to ends. After experiencing a fluctuation in weight loss and gain she has made fitness a way of life and she will help you to do the same. Now reward yourself with a chocolate brownie or two, or with a restaurant meal and a bottle of wine. These small rewards offer motivation for the ups and downs you may experience during a fitness journey. After all, you promised yourself there is going to be a treat at the end of all this long, hard dieting and exercising.

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