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Try these simple, time-tested techniques to help calm your mind, relax your muscles, and put sleep within your grasp. If you visit a professional massage therapist, make sure the therapist has experience working with pregnant women and uses a table and pillow designed for that purpose. Of course, on the flip side of things, some pregnant women experience a very easy, blissful nine months and glow from beginning to end! If your hectic lifestyle has got you down, WebMD's experts say relaxation techniques can bring you back into balance -- some in 5 minutes or less.

You should now try and make sure you keep some time aside for some simple relaxation and breathing activities. Read on for five natural ways to relax during this important time in your family and your baby's development. Air travel is perfectly safe for moms-to-be who hydrate, exercise and stick to short flights. Pregnancy exercises labor: exercise yoga , Explore steadyhealth on facebook and find out more about prenatal health, exercise, and nutrition!

You must make sure that you do not smoke through your pregnancy, and also that you do not expose yourself to any second hand smoke either. Find out how to use yoga, stretching, guided imagery, deep breathing, and other techniques during pregnancy to sleep more deeply and more easily.

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