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Your authors do a good job of demonstrating the yawn sigh technique in the DVD, and I have found a YouTube clip of student clinicians practicing this technique. Review the DVD that accompanies your book so you get an idea of how these techniques look in practice.
In this presentation we are going to cover some fundamentals of voice therapy, which are relaxation, respiration training, elimination of abuse, yawn-sigh technique, and vocal function exercises. One technique is to have the client sit in front of a mirror to observe their posture and breathing, or you can have the client put a hand on their abdomen so they know where to breathe from. I will let you read the steps involved as presented in the PPT slides, but I think it will be very helpful if you watch the accompanying YouTube clip for one variation on these exercises.

Certain voice symptoms and conditions may be relieved with relaxation exercises, such as an elevated pitch, shortness of breath, functional dysphonia, and more. Also watch the textbook DVD and thoroughly read the chapter so that you are familiar with the techniques that we have not discussed. SLPs may help their clients to relax by employing progressive relaxation techniques, among other strategies. You know that the chewing technique is supposed to help with this problem, but your client has TMJ disorder and the chewing technique is painful. Be sure that the client knows his or her goals, and can articulate why the techniques they are practicing in therapy will help them achieve these goals.

As with all voice therapy techniques, it is most helpful if the client can learn to compare and contrast their old way of speaking with the new, preferred way of speaking.
In this case, there are any number of other techniques you could use instead to achieve the same effect, such as the open mouth approach or the yawn-sigh. So focus on having a really good understanding of how to help your clients use good breathing, a relaxed approach, and good vocal hygiene.

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