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Here are four reasons you might have a clutter problem and simple solutions to begin to overcome it!
Every time we have a change in routine, go through a stressful period of time, have a baby, lose or start a new job, experience a financial setback, move to another home, get sick, or have any other life-altering experience, clutter multiplies.
One of the fastest ways for your home to become disorganized is you simply don’t know where to put things. Solution:  Stop and take notice when you find yourself gravitating towards clutter spots with yet another pile of stuff. This might seem like the most obvious reason for clutter, but it is usually the one we have the most trouble with.
I know I have too much STUFF for this house and am planning on joining our community garage sale in the Spring. That is a great idea to combine both your love of collecting vintage boxes with a system for organizing things! Clutter often represents for me a combination of indecision, procrastination and not being able to let go of the past. Several years ago I had to close my parent’s home where they had lived for 20+ years.

Life altering experience; when my husband died suddenly, I began buying things I did not need and had no place to put them causing severe clutter problem. My cluttering got started due to years of multiple traumas , including loss, illness, and legal problems. Just waiting there for the day I decide to actually lead the boys through one of the 50 projects I have pinned on my “Toilet Paper Roll Crafts” Pinterest board.
Waiting for the day that I go to the basement not carrying a laundry basket or a small child. Once we understand why the clutter occurs, the solutions might be easier to solve than we think! I have found that when I remove the clutter I feel so much better and I never miss any of it. While we know we have clutter, we don’t feel equipped to deal with it perfectly so we do nothing. Drives me nuts bc even though I think I have a system for all those random papers, nobody uses it.
These days, if a piece of clutter has any hope of us dealing with it, it has to be dangerous.

That’s where we keep it so we can use it to pry open the awkwardly-placed safety latch that locks the drawer and prevents our toddler from removing and throwing life-threatening forks and butter knives. I have little desire to putter around putting stuff away at the end of the day when the kiddos are finally in bed and I have an opportunity to relax with my husband and recharge my batteries for the next day. We love finding great deals at yard sales so we store everything in our already crowded basement until we can find a place for it. If you are emotionally attached to things you don’t have room for, look for creative ways to preserve memories without keeping every single item on display.
You need to pick your clutter battles: as the out-of-place basting brush posed no physical harm, I elected to ignore it and focus on sweeping up the peppercorns that the same toddler had dumped all over the dining room floor. It takes a clear mind to hear what the heart tells you but when you open up space in any area of your life for love to enter, you will benefit.

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