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Reduce the stress levels in your life through relaxation techniques like meditation, deep breathing, and exercise.
When we make time for the things that support us - like meditation and exercise - we can better handle everything else in the day more effectively, and more than make up that time. Generalized Anxiety Treatment ~ Use hypnosis as a generalized anxiety disorder treatment and you can feel calm today. Improving Concentration and Focus ~ Learn how to discipline, direct and command your mind to improve your performance.
Exercise Motivation ~ Give you powerful keys to getting back on track with your exercise - and staying there. Overcoming Shyness ~ Provides an invisible security blanket allowing you to develop social ease and overcome shyness. The iAwake Profound Meditation Program is a way of enhancing your meditation practice, making meditation not only easier and more enjoyable, but also more efficient and effective. Here is a link to a free 20-minute track from iAwake Technologies - a sample of the type of tools that will deepen your meditation immediately and help you quickly become a successful meditator. I think you'll find this technology a tremendous aid on your transformative journey of becoming your best and most creative self.
From personal experience, we believe that 20-minutes a day can help you release tension, relax muscles and let go of all the clutter in your head.

Every Friday, you can find inspirational quotes on Caldera’s Facebook page to help usher in the weekend with positivity.
When I’m feeling tense and frustrated, the last thing I want to hear from anyone are these four words: “You need to relax!”  Aside from reminding me that I am A.
The process of deciding to relax and actually feeling relaxed just doesn’t happen that quickly. Our 20-Minute Renewal blog provides time-sensitive tips for enjoying better nutrition, regular exercise, a positive mental outlook, and much, much more.
Most of the people I take under struggle with stress in their lives and have unbalanced sleeping patterns, so what I do enables my patients to regain energy and peacefulness on a subconscious level which affects their conscious mind. Simply to LIVE without giving yourself those headaches, and therefore to have the free consciousness to be able to perceive what is, to be grateful and be happy. Meditation was designed primarily for spiritual development, rather than mental or physical benefits.
It's based on a technique used by top athletes and other successful people to help them make a big stride forward. At Caldera Spas, we believe it because we live it, and 20-minute renewal is part of our daily lives. If you want to feel stronger, sleeker, and supercharged to live with more vitality, we have a resource for that.

We’re all busy or preoccupied and some days it feels like making time for self-care is too hard. Where the external thoughts originate from is a non-verbal, aware mindfulness - intuition and intention, with free will. However, by nourishing the spiritual self, its benefits are then reflected throughout the human mind and body.
Just realize you are not those things you are observing - and at the same time, know you are everything that you are observing. Our philosophy, if you want to call it that, is simple: When you spend even a few moments daily to reflect and restore your own self, you'll create more space in your heart and mind for others. That's how we're able to function as a body-mind with complex lives… but we can always change these programs and reactions by choosing afresh, in the present, consciously.

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