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When the urge to smoke strikes, look at your list as a reminder of what you've gained from quitting. Brush Your Teeth OftenOne of the instant perks of quitting is that your mouth tastes better and your breath smells better. Avoid AlcoholDrinking it is one of the most common things that makes people go back to smoking. Many people also associate the act of drinking with smoking, so it may trigger you to light up.

Set aside time to be physically active every day -- especially in the first month after you've quit smoking.
Fill Your CalendarDuring the first few weeks after you kick the habit, fill your days with things you want or need to do. Make plans to eat meals with family or friends, and try to steer clear of smoking temptations. Be Alert to Bad MoodsNegative emotions -- stress, anger, frustration -- are another common reason people go back to smoking.

Bad moods happen to everyone, and chances are you'll feel more than your fair share of them during the first few weeks of quitting.
Be Patient and Stay on TrackOnce you make it through the first 2 weeks, you're on your way to a lifetime free of nicotine addiction.

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