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You can be a better surfer by creating a balance of strength and endurance coupled with a healthy diet and enough sleep.  To really get the most out from weight training program, get one that is designed for surfers and be disciplined enough to stick to the routine.
One of the underrated aspects of boxing fitness is the benefits to lower body strength and endurance. For only $60, you get 1 year access to a COMPLETE nutrition and fitness online training system. With all the nutritionist, physiotherapist and a host of medical doctors in the team, modern pro surfers are at the peak of their fitness.

But there is no argument that the movements in surfing rely more on the core strength of the body to be properly executed. The Nutrition component includes recipes and the creation of a grocery list per your nutritional program.
This is very, very helpful!This is a comprehensive program designed to help you meet your weight loss and fitness goals.
All segments of the program include video instruction to help guide you through setting it up; exercises include video links to ensure proper form and execution.

It’s all about proper training, powering up your core strength and building a body able to withstand the powerful waves and rigorous balancing that is essential for a professional surfer.

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