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If you've climbed out from under a soul-crushing project list, cleaned out and redefined your to-do list, and set firm boundaries between work and play, but you still feel like you aren't handling the weight of broken commitments and unaccomplished work, plain and simple procrastination may be the root of your stress.
Procrastination is a mechanism for coping with the anxiety associated with starting or completing any task or decision. The first section of Fiore's book focuses on defining procrastination, its causes, and our motivation for procrastinating.

Changing your procrastination behaviors begins with an honest reflection on what motivates your habit.
I've read The Now Habit multiple times, I've given copies away to college freshman I'm teaching (every year I watch them struggle with procrastination and time management), and I've praised the book to anyone who confided in their struggles with procrastination and a sense of despair in the overwhelming nature of their work. Here's a look at his revolutionary book on overcoming procrastination at work and enjoying our free time guilt-free.

The Now Habit was revolutionary for being the first mainstream procrastination self-help book that focused on helping procrastinators deal with the psychological reasons behind procrastination and skipped the lectures on discipline and motivation.

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