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Bhramari pranayama is the effective breathing exercise to releases agitation, frustration and anger and calming mind. Watch our Parenting Trainer Jessie Naidu talk about the benefits of Sukha Pranayama a breathing exercises in Yoga which is very powerful and beneficial for a person, especially pregnant women.
Proper yoga practice minimizes the common pregnancy symptoms like morning sickness and constipation. During the last trimester of pregnancy, when the Blood Pressure levels are slightly high this breathing exercise will help lower the levels and benefit the mother and child. This is most crucial during pregnancy, where your unborn baby completely depends on you for supply of oxygen. This helps in the healthy functioning of your body so that you can take optimum care of your baby.While pranayama is highly recommended, it is extremely important to first check about the same with your doctor.

Practice Under A Certified Teacher:There are a lot of information and pranayama videos available online, but nothing can substitute a good teacher especially during pregnancy. Also, a good teacher will guide you in the right way, telling you about the pranayamas that are good for you and the ones you should avoid during pregnancy.2. Choosing The Right Environment:To get the best benefits of pranayama, it is ideal to practice in a clean and open atmosphere where air flow is free and not restricted. Avoid cluttered rooms, with distractions like television and phones to achieve maximum benefit from your pranayama session.4. Timing And Meal Gap:It is recommended to have a meal gap of about 3-4 hours before practicing pranayama. It is ideal to practice pranayama in the early morning hours as your mind and body will be fresh.

Support And Posture:While practicing pranayama always remember to take required support so as to not strain your body. Before practicing pranayama and yoga always consult your gynecologist or obstetricians whether it would be safe for you or not.

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