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Pranayama is the formal practice of controlling the breath, which is the source of our prana, or vital life force. Learn the two versions of Single Nostril Pranayama: Surya Bhedana (Sun-Piercing Breath) and Chandra Bhedana (Moon-Piercing Breath). Learn how to take advantage of the power of the breath on the mat in various types of yoga poses and with 5 different pranayama techniques. Turn to this pranayama practice in times of transformation to invoke Kali and free yourself from anything that’s holding you back.
Use Sitali Breath, a cooling yoga breathing technique to calm anxiety and settle your body. Ujjayi breath is achieved by breathing in and out through the nose while constricting the glottis at the back of the throat.
Use these classic yogic breathing techniques before winter workouts, snow sports, or Sun Salutes to beat cold and dry winter air.

Try these three simple breathing practices to reduce stress, quiet your mind, and connect to your inner Self. Learn how to calm the mind and improve the quality of your breath with these two simple breathing exercises that are highly beneficial for almost everyone. Ujjayi, also known as Victorious or Ocean-Sounding Breath, is the pranayama technique most associated with hatha yoga. Pranayama cures and prevents cancer, blood pressure, stress, anxiety, stomach disorders, depression, diabetes, heart problems and so many health issues.
Bhastrika pranayama consist of deep inhaling (Breathe in) and forcefully exhaling (breathe out). Bhramari pranayama is the excellent breathing exercise which plays important role in releasing agitation, frustration and anger. Important Precautions  – These breathing exercises (seven pranayama ) should be done on an empty stomach and in fresh air.

IT IS TRUE THAT PRECAUTIONS SHOULD BE TAKEN WHILE KAPALBHATI PRANAYAM BY THE PEOPLE WHO SUFFERS FROM HEART DESEASE AND HYPERTENSION. Anuloma Viloma or Alternate Nostril Breathing helps improve concentration and nerve function, and relieves allergy symptoms and headaches.
This pranayama is excellent for curing hernia, prostate problems, acidity and abdominal problems  Read more.. These seven pranayama are excellent breathing exercises for our healthy life and releasing stress and depression.

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