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Our center offers public meditation, a core curriculum of Shambhala Buddhist teachings, as well as training in advanced contemplative practices. We invite you to explore our diverse programs designed to help people of all traditions discover their inherent sanity, gentleness and humor. As much as Rabbi Darryl Crystal likes San Antonio, his interim position at Temple Beth-El means he'll only be here until June 2014. Learning to bow with a clear mind is hard but the peaceful grounds of the Buddhist Temple of San Antonio and calming presence of the Venerable Thich Phuoc Quang, head monk, might help. In 2002, after his children graduated from medical school, he traveled to Australia and immersed himself in Buddhism for a year.
Phuoc Quang shares the wisdom and teachings of Buddha with newcomers and longtime students in their sangha (congregation). He served as a priest in his home parish in Houston before Pope Benedict XVI sent him to San Antonio as a bishop in 2008. An inspiring space for 30 devotees, the Mother Temple, as it is known, still is a place for meditation, but a larger worship space, the Hindu Temple of San Antonio, was built in Helotes. Despite challenges, the San Antonio Scientology community has offered many people a hand in dealing with individual problems and, says Sterzenback, has saved a few marriages along the way through Scientology counseling. Come learn more about Buddhism and a specific lineage of Tibetan Buddhism that Americans can study and practice today. Diamond Way Buddhist Group of San Antonio will be hosting Eugene Trak of Hollister, California.

John Johnson, The Coates-Cowden-Brown Curator of Asian Art at the San Antonio Museum of Art was our speaker for the Asian Arts Council Meeting on July 26th.   Mr. Marsha Vargas Handley, ASA, owner and managing director of Xanadu Gallery in San Francisco, gave a lecture on Chinese Snuff Bottles: Art in Miniature, addressing the origins of the use of snuff in China and the many different materials of which these beautiful little works of art are created. San Antonio has retained a sense of community that provides a sense of belonging and friendliness. At the helm of San Antonio’s largest Jewish congregation, Crystal is helping the temple affirm its traditions, outline its future, search for a new rabbi and prepare for a 140th anniversary celebration next year. Rama Krishna Rao came to San Antonio in 1979 to complete a fellowship in perinatology at the University of Texas Health Science Center, but he thinks a higher power had a hand in the move.
Eugene will be giving a lecture on the way of openness in the Karma Kagyu Lineage of Tibetan Buddhism.
Lama Ole and his wife Hannah Nydahl were some of the first westerners to bring Tibetan Buddhism to the western world. Johnson’s topic was the Buddhist Art of Bhutan, home to the most intact and vital Buddhist art tradition in the world. These range from the earliest printing of Buddhist sutras in the 8th century to the 19th century, and the illustration of popular literature, travel guidebooks, encyclopedia, art manuals and medical books.
It has been my experience that the San Antonio interfaith community cooperates with one another on many programs and causes that are important to all of us.
We have 55 congregations across San Antonio, five of which have been formed in the past two years, including mine in Alamo Ranch.

Even though San Antonio is a big city, the people here have the mentality of small-town people: they are very kind and extremely friendly. In the San Antonio area, I would say secularism is the most pernicious because it impacts all of us, usually in a subtle, constant manner that we don’t react to until it has had its effects through a weakened faith. Eugene will cover a range of topics including Meditation, the history of Tibetan Buddhism and how Buddhism functions in the busy, fast-paced, modern world. The reason San Antonio existed in the early days was to provide a safe place for people to rest and seek God. I am proud to say that friendships, respect and cooperation among ecumenical and interfaith circles have been strong in the San Antonio area. Eugene currently resides in the Diamond Way Buddhist Center in Hollister, CA and is actively involved in the development of the Western Retreat Center in California, a place where Buddhist practice deepens through meditation courses, personal retreats and the gathering of friends. The construction was of brick, sandstone, or laterite, a soft clay when dug from the ground that hardens when dried in the sun.

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