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Second – Away from motivation– Here you are doing it so that you want to be away from something. Any goal you want motivation with, you can have something as a reward – so it pulls you towards the goal, and have something that you want to avoid that pushes you away from not taking action.
You can plan anything (big or small) that you can give as a “towards motivation” and for a “away from motivation”. One great way to increase your motivation level is to have a goal buddy, so you both work together to achieve the same results. Motivation booster 4: Focus on implementing and taking action, rather than non-stop learning.
And of course, du’a to Allah, and right intention for the action and goal you want motivation on.

Great article and so much that we know but do not do to improve our will power and motivation level. Ever since WH hosted a webinar with Charles Duhigg, the author of bestselling book The Power of Habit, I’ve been musing along the lines of will power, motivation, and decision-making. Similarly, I recently learned that will power is like a muscle that can be strengthened or fatigued. In my experience, the best way to increase the stamina of your will power is to do it slowly over time, without the spikes in mental energy. Implementing this towards and away from motivation can be specially helpful when you are creating a new ritual to your life. Sprinters typically look powerful, bursting with energy and eager to push themselves to their limits. The thing you want motivation on – might be something very easy to do for your friend or someone you know.

What you want motivation on should be strong in purpose – that you getting it will either give you massive pleasure or avoid massive pain. If you want enough discipline to eat healthy and work out on a regular basis, for example, you need to strength train your will power. And away from motivation is – I say, if I don’t do this – I will miss reading that great book.
Another “away from motivation” is to offer to pay money to your friend if you miss doing it one day!

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