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Not only will these techniques give you better performance on the job and a larger paycheck, but they can give you a better quality of life overall, as your reading, comprehension, and longterm retention grow year after year. Mention the words "speed reading" to most people, and what you'll get in response is a long list of why speed reading is not really reading and why its techniques can't possibly work. Speed reading is a series of skills that can be learned by anyone who is willing to put in the time and effort to do so. Speed is only valuable if you understand what you're reading, so just because you can move your eyes quickly, it does not make you a speed reader. If you are running out of time, scan the reading passage for the information contained in strictly factual questions. The best strategy you can do to improve your reading, though, is to read, anything and everything. Reading proficiency is a critical skill for any standardized test, whether it's the SAT, the LSAT, the GMAT, the GRE, the MCAT, or any other similarly formatted assessment.
While much of your reading will be paper-based, in our technologically burgeoning society, you also need to learn how to read efficiently from a computer. One way to accomplish proficiency in all media is to use a reading efficiency software program, such as AceReader Pro, to supplement your paper-based work.
You can also, using the Deluxe versions, create additional Tests, Drills, and Games to target your reading strengths and shore up your weaknesses, and you can import documents, such as vocabulary lists or material from the College Board Web site, specific to the standardized test you will be taking. If you are running out of time, scan the reading passage for the information contained in factual questions.
Watch out for negative words and prefixes; if you find them, make sure you choose the appropriate answer (the tests usually include one choice that would be correct if the sentence wasn't formed as a negative. If the standardized test has sections containing "Double Passages" (two readings with one set of questions), tackle the readings one at a time.

Wisdom, or "smarts" as we sometimes call it, is defined by the Random House Dictionary as a person "having the power to discern and judge properly as to what is true or right," or to discriminate between good and evil, significant and trivial. Low literacy is strongly related to crime -- fully 70% (almost three-quarters) of prisoners fall into the lowest two levels of reading proficiency.
One great way to get yourself to become a reader is to use a reading software program, such as the AceReader Pro. And these low reading proficiency results correlated strongly with both high unemployment rates and high poverty levels 43% in the case of the latter.
While 75% of today's jobs require a minimum ninth-grade reading proficiency level, almost 20% of the workers can't read above the fifth-grade level. Once you unlock your reading potential, you will unlock your ability to learn everything more proficiently. They use them as tools that allow them, once they are speed readers, to meet a specific purpose in reading a text.
No matter what our age or current reading level, we can learn new techniques for reading in general or on specific types of material.
None of these are mechanisms of reading; rather, they are tools that readers can use to help improve both their speed and comprehension of written material. Have a specific reason for reading the material, whether the motivation comes from within or without.
However, its importance exceeds mastering just the "Critical Reading" or "Reading Comprehension" sections.
Some assessments have converted to computer-based administration only, and on-screen reading proficiency is absolutely essential as a result. The software allows you to read set passages (with comprehension tests) or import your own material, pace yourself while reading the material, read for comprehension, and adjust how the material is presented (i.e.

Reading exposes us to new ideas and perspectives, shows us how people behave in a variety of situations, and presents multiple scenarios for each situation's resolution.
But despite attempts to strengthen reading and comprehension in the classroom, many students continue to fall behind.
Since interpretation of the symbols is what allows us to derive meaning from the visual images, it follows that reading is not just a visual, but also a cognitive skill, and, therefore, one that can be learned.
It allows you to decide whether or not you want or need to spend the time reading the entire passage to obtain more of the details.
Many students have difficulty with all portions of the tests, either because they read too slowly to complete the questions on time, or they try to race through the material but don't comprehend what they've just read.
At the lower levels, the program focuses on recognizing "sight words," developing vocabulary, and using the Reading Comprehension Tests to put the words in context. Reading is a series of skills, and they can be taught to any person at any age; all that is required is that you be willing to put in the time and the effort to master the techniques. Reis, et al (Using Enrichment Reading Practices to Increase Reading Fluency, Comprehension, and Attitudes, posted 22 May 2008) observed that for many years, educators and researchers have demonstrated the relationship between improved reading comprehension and higher scholastic achievement. As the user works through the Tests, Drills, and Games, he or she picks up facts and the ability to connect one fact to another. Education Department's data show that only seven percent of full-time workers who performed at below basic levels on reading tests earned $850 to $1,149 a week, while a full 20 percent of workers who had scored at proficient levels earned such wages.

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