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September 11, 2014 by Walter Chen 2 Comments For the most productive people, the work is never done.
You might think that this is just a personal problem, but it turns out that this is a struggle that even the most successful entrepreneurs have had to grapple with. Here is the system that three highly effective and seasoned tech executives use to manage their own psychology.
If the answer is no, you’re empowered to delve more deeply into why that happened and how you can fix it.
Andreessen values the importance of tracking his accomplishments and daily reflection to the extent that he created a system around it, called his Anti-Todo List, or done list. What you do is this: every time you do something — anything — useful during the day, write it down in your Anti-Todo List on the card.

Each time you do something, you get to write it down and you get that little rush of endorphins that the mouse gets every time he presses the button in his cage and gets a food pellet.
And then at the end of the day, … take a look at today’s card and its Anti-Todo list and marvel at all the things you actually got done that day. Rather than waiting for a major milestone to celebrate an achievement, Andreessen’s process empowers him to take joy in the tiny, wonderful triumphs happen every single day.
That turns into a daily process of rejuvenation and inspiration after a hard-day’s work, and for Andreessen, it’s the positive emotional balance necessary to accomplishing great things.
Your long-term impact and happiness over the course of an entire career seems like such a distant concern, but to Jobs it wasn’t. Learn the valuable art of how to keep a done list and the science behind how they help you work smarter.

Day after day of non-meaningful work is the surest path to burnout, and that’s why Jobs made daily reflection on his achievements and his happiness such a priority. I’m reading this thing learning of this guy for the first time and the photo accompanying his quote makes him look like a bumbling pinhead.

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