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As you can imagine I was quite eager to see my doctor for this years physical and to discover if the WFPB diet had lowered my LDL cholesterol like I had hoped it would. How interesting that you didn’t think a plant based diet would make a difference in my cholesterol! Having said all that I can also tell you that eating a whole foods plant based diet makes cravings for junk food disappear. I have read several of Dr Fuhrman’s books and they contain fantastic information regarding healthy eating. For me a low fat whole food plant based diet combined with the thyroid meds has made a huge difference in quality of life.
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Despite the fact that I was following what I thought was a healhty low fat diet all the while exercising, staying active and trying to be healthy.
I am considering joining WW for additional accountability and portion control but in the past would quit especially when they would espouse things at meetings that conflict with a plant-strong way of eating. I gave that up a few years ago when I decided to rid my diet of artificial ingredients, sugar substitutes and started moving towards a more healthy food plan. From all the research I have done there isn’t anything diet related that can be done to reverse a thyroid issue.
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I left that appointment mad and determined to fix it without going on medication. After much research on the internet, reading books and watching documentaries about eating a WFPB (whole foods plant based diet) I took the plunge in the Spring of 2013 and dove head first into converting to a WFPB diet.
Hubby Tom was on board to modify his meat centered diet and agreed to eat a plant based diet at home. Plus people who eat a WFPB diet usually have tons of energy and I found my energy level was slowly going down hill in the past 8 months or so. Thanks to a whole foods plant based diet I won’t ever have to go on statins for high cholesterol. He eats a WFPB diet about 70-80% of the time and 20-30% of his diet includes animal products.

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