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Unfortunately, companies miss the mark on offering professional development even though our research shows that growth and professional development are two reasons why individuals seek new employment opportunities. Whether you want to grow your ministry, your business, or your wealth, you must be intentional and for me that requires a plan.
Catalyst and Orange have been or go to in the past but whatever you do, it is important to get away for some time and focus on growing personally and gain ideas.

I always had goals, I always wanted to grow, but it wasn’t until 2011 when I met Kary Oberbrunner did I instill a ritual that I keep until this day. I don’t do more than one conference a year because I think it is important to not be dependent on the conference high or others for my growth, but it is also important to open myself up to the best in the world.
So I will read a book to help develop me personally, a book that helps me to be a better leader, then a book about youth ministry programs and then a book about communication.

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