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Personal development as a process can be broken down into 9 basic steps; understanding oneself, accepting oneself, identifying life purpose through goal creation, stress and change management, financial management,  time management , relationship management, health management and most importantly bringing a healthy balance to one’s lifestyle.
This last step, lifestyle balance is the most critical aspect of personal development.  Much too often persons over- focus on select areas of their life, such as academic achievements or career success and neglect other important areas such as health or physical appearance. Personal development as a process has a great impact on the socioeconomic status of an individual and this impact can be best understood by considering the concept of social capital. A truly developed individual  with a true understanding of self and a balanced lifestyle  is more like to derive greater economic benefits from the preferential treatment and cooperation between individuals and groups present in this concept.In fact, research from various sources over the past decade indicates a strong correlation between a person’s developmental outcomes and their stability in family environments, and subsequently their socioeconomic status.

Achieving economic strength through the development of personal and social capital is the shared primary vision of the Cruz Wellness Society and Victory Solutions Barbados. Personal development is a beautiful process through which an individual enhances their skills and qualities guided by their life desires and goals. An individual having undergone the personal development process changes their focus to be successful in every area of their life.
So when you really get stuck, you have an experienced personal development trainer and certified spiritual life coach to support you.

It also provides for a workforce of motivated and efficient persons at all levels, resulting in greater economic productivity.

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